Loto Tradicional (Argentina) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Latest Loto Tradicional Winning Numbers Table

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
28 Jan 2023 13 14 16 22 31 44 03 $ 2,118,000,000 ARS
25 Jan 2023 01 02 17 33 41 43 06 $ 2,065,000,000 ARS
21 Jan 2023 01 07 09 10 11 17 00 $ 1,974,000,000 ARS
18 Jan 2023 04 06 09 38 41 43 00 53.69 million R$
14 Jan 2023 11 17 24 37 38 43 03 $ 1,834,000,000 ARS
11 Jan 2023 17 29 33 36 39 43 04 $ 1,802,000,000 ARS
07 Jan 2023 01 10 14 15 22 31 02 $ 1,734,000,000 ARS
04 Jan 2023 02 32 33 35 42 43 00 $ 1,661,000,000 ARS
30 Dec 2022 20 21 25 27 28 36 06 N/A
28 Dec 2022 03 07 19 25 27 32 01 $ 2,775,000,000 ARS

Loto Tradicional is considered one of the most, if not the most important lottery in the whole Argentina. The rules are typical for this kind of game: you choose six numbers from 0 to 41, but on top of that, you pick two “Jacks” from 0 to 9. Results are drawn twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30 PM, one and a half hours after ticket sale ends.

The odds of matching all eight numbers and hitting the jackpot make Loto Tradicional one of the most challenging lotteries in the world, especially considering the odds of winning secondary prizes. You can increase your chances of winning by playing the two additional games, Loto Desquite and Loto Sale o Sale, which are cumulative that means you have to buy the $80 Loto Tradicional ticket first before you decide to participate in the extra draws. 


Loto Tradicional has a guaranteed jackpot of 50 million Argentine pesos, which is about half a million US dollars. However, due to the low probability of winning, it can increase significantly, often ten times the guaranteed prize, and sometimes it is expected to go far above that.

Odds and Prizes

There are six prize categories in Loto Tradicional. The minimum jackpot for hitting all six numbers and two Jacks is ARS 50,000,000. Hitting six numbers and one Jack leaves you with the guaranteed ARS 15 million, and matching the six numbers gives you only ARS 5 million. If there is no winner in one category, the prize is transferred towards lower categories until there is a winner.

The odds of winning the Loto Tradicional are the following:

  • Matching 5 numbers: 1 in 39,031,
  • Matching 5 numbers and one Jack: 1 in 68,304,
  • Matching 5 numbers and two Jacks: 1 in 1,092,872,
  • Matching 6 numbers: 1 in 8,430,727,
  • Matching 6 numbers and one Jack: 1 in 14,753,773,
  • Matching 6 numbers and two Jacks: 1 in 236,060,370.

Payout and Taxes

The Loto Plus games don’t allow winners to transfer the prize over time, and the only option is to claim the winnings as a lump sum in 15 days from the lucky draw. If the prize you won is below $1,000, you can pick it up at the local distributor; if it is above that, you pick it up at the official Loto de Argentina office.

Just like with any other lottery in Argentina, Loto Tradicional winnings are subjected to a 31% winning tax. However, the operator pays the taxes, so in this case, you don’t have to worry about paying them yourself.

Who Can Play?

Loto Tradicional is only available to players in Argentina who are over 18 years old. You can buy tickets in local agencies and lottery outlets across the country, and the price for base Loto Tradicional is $80. If you want to play Loto Desquite and Loto Sale o Sale, you have to pay extra.

Can You Play Online?

Although the lottery operator has its website, the tickets for Loto Tradicional are only available in authorized lottery agencies, which means that you cannot play remotely using web pages or mobile apps. Furthermore, you can claim your prize in person only.

Short Story

Loto Argentina, the national lottery operator in the country, offers not one but several lottery games. The most important one is Loto Tradicional, which has the biggest jackpot and the highest odds to win. The low chance of winning doesn’t stop people from trying, and the dream of striking big is a strong motivation for many people to buy a ticket. And for some, it leads to a life-changing prize.

Loto Tradicional

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