QUINI 6 Revancha (Argentina) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Latest QUINI 6 Revancha Winning Numbers Table

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
10 Aug 2022 00 10 16 18 19 44 N/A
07 Aug 2022 06 18 27 32 34 38 N/A
03 Aug 2022 12 13 20 23 32 45 N/A
31 Jul 2022 02 07 08 21 23 38 N/A
27 Jul 2022 04 13 14 19 23 39 N/A
24 Jul 2022 03 15 21 23 28 29 N/A
20 Jul 2022 01 06 17 20 28 44 N/A
17 Jul 2022 04 06 10 16 19 30 N/A
13 Jul 2022 00 07 11 17 25 45 N/A
10 Jul 2022 12 16 19 28 33 35 N/A
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QUINI 6 (Revancha) is one of Argentina’s most famous lotteries, and Revancha is probably the most exciting variant. It is the third game after QUINI 6 Traditional and Segunda Vuelta and is an integral part of the lottery drawn twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:30 PM. You pick six numbers between 0 and 45 in the standard game and, if you pay extra for the “rematch” game, they are transferred to Revancha.

What’s unique about it? There are two draws in traditional QUINI 6, and people who get six, five, or four numbers right are rewarded with the corresponding amount. To win in Revancha, however, you have to hit all six numbers, and if nobody hits them, the pot is accumulated for the next draw.


QUINI 6 Revancha comes with a guaranteed jackpot of 1,5 million pesos, which is about 150 thousand dollars. But thanks to the high participation rate and the fact that winnings are accumulated if there is no winner, the jackpot can reach as high as 287 million pesos.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning QUINI 6 Revancha are 1 in 9,366,819, and as mentioned above, there is only one tier for matching all six numbers, unlike in other stages of the lottery. The amount of money you can win is impressive as every player adds to the pot.

The jackpot, of course, is 15 million pesos, but the total prize fund is always higher. As it is accumulated if nobody wins in Revancha, the prize fund can get very high. As of October 24th, the prize fund was at almost 288 million pesos, equivalent to about 2,8 million dollars.

Payout and Taxes

You must claim your winnings in 15 days from the date of the draw, and it is paid out as a whole there is no option to have it paid out over time. The claim must be done in person at a local lottery distributor, and you will need to provide your identity document and the ticket to claim your prize. On top of that, Argentina has a 31% lottery winning tax which applies if the prize exceeds 6,666 pesos, so it applies to virtually any Revancha winning.

Who Can Play?

Anyone over the age of 18 in Argentina can play QUINI 6 Revancha. The tickets cost ARS 53 ARS 40 for the Tradicional game plus ARS 13 for Revancha and can be bought only at local lottery distributors.

You can play QUINI 6 Revancha in any of the official lottery betting agencies in Argentina. Keep in mind that the rules there may differ, so read them carefully before placing your bets.

Can You Play Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot play QUINI 6 Revancha online. It is only available in official betting agencies where you have to buy a coupon and optionally put your personal information to be able to collect the prize.

Short History

QUINI 6 was launched in 1988 by Loteria Santa Fe as one of the first lotteries with live televised drawings. It was a success from the start, and QUINI 6 Tradicional soon became the most popular lottery in Argentina a position it still holds to this day.

QUINI 6 Revancha, Argentinian for “revenge,” was introduced as an additional game in which you can win a much bigger jackpot that is accumulated if nobody wins. This exciting format was such a success that increased participation in the lottery and made it even more popular.

Quini 6 Revancha

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