Loto 4 (Chile) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Latest Loto 4 Winning Numbers Table

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
04 Dec 2021 14 20 21 22 N/A
03 Dec 2021 06 09 22 23 N/A
02 Dec 2021 05 12 17 18 N/A
01 Dec 2021 02 15 17 22 N/A
30 Nov 2021 07 08 10 17 N/A
29 Nov 2021 03 14 16 22 N/A
28 Nov 2021 06 13 16 23 N/A
27 Nov 2021 10 15 19 20 N/A
26 Nov 2021 02 07 09 15 N/A
25 Nov 2021 10 16 18 20 N/A

Loto 4 is a popular Chilean lottery game. Every day, at 2 pm and 9 pm local time, draws are available to the public in Santiago at the lottery’s headquarters. Unlike several other local competitors, Loto 4 is quite affordable, with the ticket costing a mere CLP 250.

Playing Loto 4 requires the bettor to pick four separate numbers from 1 to 23. The option to have the numbers randomly generated by a computer also exists. In order to boost their chances of winning, players can use the Combination Play to increase the number of picks from 4 to 10. This further boosts the already high odds but also increases the ticket costs. Advance Play allows for up to 14 draws per week to be made by a singular player.

As with some other lottery games, Loto 4 focuses solely on the main draw; there are no secondary games or further chances to win.


Loto 4 jackpot starts at quite a low level, a minimum guaranteed prize of CLP 100,000.

What makes it more attractive than the other Polla Chilena de Beneficencia games is that it’s a rollover lottery. Combine that with the twice daily character of the lottery and more interest in tickets due to increased jackpot, and the payout might easily reach exciting levels.

Odds and Prizes

Among the games offered by the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, Loto 4 offers some of the best odds at the expense of a rather humble payout, significantly lower than other global lottery games. 

There are three distinct prizes a player can win in Loto 4:

  • The first prize is awarded if all four numbers are correctly matched, setting the winning odds at a remarkably high 1 in 8855. That equates to around 0.01% chance of winning, a very high number when compared to the other Chilean lottery games such as Racha (0.0005%).
  • The second prize is given if the player matches 3 numbers correctly, raising the winning odds to 1 in 117 – around 0.85%.
  • The last prize tier requires the bettor to match 2 numbers correctly, setting the winning odds at 1 in 9. That gives the player over 11% chance of winning the money involved.

Payout and Taxes

If you happen to win one of the prizes Loto 4 offers, you are required to claim it in 60 days or less. Otherwise, the lottery operator will be unable to pay you as it is legally forbidden to do so after the time limit.

Bettors who were awarded the prize as members of a syndicate can receive money individually if they fill the necessary claim forms.

All lottery winnings are subject to the 17% tax, but they are taxed at source, so you get what you win after all.

Who Can Play This Lottery?

In order to play the game, you must be at least 18 years old.

You can buy tickets from the authorized lottery kiosks in Chile. For those who prefer an online solution, Loto 4 is available at the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia site. Only Chilean people can play the game.

History Of Loto 4

Loto 4 was launched by the state-run operator Polla Chilena de Beneficencia in 2002. Similar to the other games of the lottery operator, the proceeds are used to fund numerous public services and causes, all under the watchful eye of the national law.

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