El Dorado (Colombia) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Latest El Dorado Winning Numbers Table

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
06 Jun 2023 0Not 0found N/A
05 Jun 2023 0Not 0found N/A
04 Jun 2023 0Not 0found N/A
03 Jun 2023 0Not 0found N/A
02 Jun 2023 06 06 02 05 N/A
01 Jun 2023 0Not 0found N/A
31 May 2023 0Not 0found N/A
30 May 2023 0Not 0found N/A
29 May 2023 0Not 0found N/A
28 May 2023 0Not 0found N/A

El Dorado is one of the most popular raffle draw games in Colombia. Many people purchase lottery tickets for it hoping to draw the lucky numbers and claim the main prize.

In this game, players do not get to choose their numbers. Instead, they receive four-digit combinations. If the combination on their ticket matches all of the drawn numbers in the correct order, they can claim the jackpot prize.

While the El Dorado jackpot is not among the highest ones, players can play the game multiple times throughout the week — all thanks to its unique system, basically splitting one huge lottery into three smaller ones.

El Dorado is divided into three separate lotteries:

  • El Dorado Mañana,
  • El Dorado Tarde,
  • El Dorado Noche.

Each of these lotteries held draws at different points of the day, according to their names:

  • El Dorado Mañana holds draws at 11:00 AM local time from Monday to Saturday.
  • El Dorado Tarde holds draws at 3:30 PM local time from Monday to Saturday.
  • El Dorado Noche holds draws at 7:25 PM local time on Sundays and at 10:15 PM local time on Saturdays.

On top of that, a single draw is made on public holidays at 7:25 PM local time.


As we already mentioned, El Dorado does not offer an astonishing jackpot. The primary reason for this is that the jackpot is based on the number of tickets sold. In short, the more people play the lottery, the more noteworthy the prize gets.

However, it is worth mentioning that sometimes players can win other prizes than cash. For instance, during special events or festive draws, the main prize can be a brand-new car. Furthermore, players can win smaller prizes for matching the first or last three numbers from the draw.

Odds and Prizes

Every ElDorado ticket has the odds of being the lucky one equal to 1:10000. It means that every 10,000th player should theoretically become declared the jackpot winner. Such attractive odds are rarely seen in modern lotteries.

The lottery operators are even more generous regarding the two- and third-tier prizes. Both of these offer 1:1000 odds, making ElDorado an enticing option for all of those who like to play the lottery frequently but are not after huge prizes.

Here is a short summary of the odds offered by ElDorado:

  • Jackpot: 4 numbers matched, winning odds 1:10000
  • 2nd tier prize: 3 first numbers matched, winning odds 1:1000
  • 3rd tier prize: 3 last numbers matched, winning odds 1:1000

Payout and Taxes

All ElDorado winnings are paid in one lump sum. After the draw, players have up to one year to claim their prizes.

While most lotteries trigger taxation reduction, ElDorado does not offer high enough prizes to be taxed. As such, playing the ElDorado lottery is a tax-free experience!

Who Can Play El Dorado?

El Dorado is freely available for all Colombian citizens above the age of 18. Players can buy lottery tickets in one of over 2500 dedicated lottery outlets placed across the country.

Can You Play El Dorado Online?

Sadly, the game’s operator does not currently sell ElDorado tickets online. However, you can look up all the regulations, check the latest draws, and even search for the nearest lottery outlet on their official website.

Short History

ElDorado is operated by Paga Todo, one of the largest lottery operators in Colombia. Nonetheless, the lottery is run in partnership with Grupo Empresarial en Línea S.A.

El Dorado
ElDorado Lottery

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