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Lotto 6 aus 49 (Germany) - lottery results

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2024-06-19 19:25:00 N/A
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2024-06-19 01041230324304 N/A
2024-06-15 03163031384908 14,000,000 EUR
2024-06-12 05091011224602 N/A
2024-06-08 05101522314009 9,000,000 EUR
2024-06-05 10111619263305 N/A
2024-06-01 08091027354100 22,780,000 EUR
2024-05-29 03051112284406 1,000,000 EUR
2024-05-25 08152432384105 9,000,000 EUR
2024-05-25 01061321404522 3,126,014 EUR
2024-05-22 14192832404201 6,221,446 EUR
2024-05-22 08091015384704 32,720,000 EUR
2024-05-18 01022836434900 4,000,000 EUR
2024-05-15 09102831444609 1,000,000 EUR
2024-05-11 05222529303600 14,000,000 EUR
2024-05-08 03232730314008 11,000,000 EUR

The German Lotto, also known as Lotto 6 aus 49, is one of the most popular lotteries in Germany. It offers everyone a chance at winning a share of a minimum guaranteed €1 million jackpot prize. With straightforward rules and many enticing prizes to win, it became famous outside of Germany as well. Nowadays, many people from other countries (such as Italy, the UK, and Canada) play it.

Here, you will find Lotto 6 aus 49 winning numbers and results. We also share some general information about the lottery, including how to play it, how to claim the main lottery prize, when to expect the next draw, and if you can buy the lottery ticket online.

About the Lotto 6 aus 49 Germany

The German Lotto was created on October 9th in 1955. Since then, it became a nationwide sensation, gaining a substantial player base in all parts of the country in a short period of time. It is the second-oldest lottery in the world. Only La Primitiva — Spain’s number one lottery game — is older.

The game is operated by Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock (also referred to as Lotteriegesellschaften). It is a partnership of sixteen lottery operators from different regions in Germany. Every three years, the operator that manages the entire game steps down, and the operator from the next group in line takes their place.

Initially, the German Lotto was drawn only once a week. However, in 1982 the owners decided to add a Wednesday night draw, making it a bi-weekly drawing game. The most significant change to the game came in June 1986, when the game format was changed from 7/38 to 6/49.

Another thing worth noting is the addition of the so-called “Superzahl,” the German equivalent of the super number present in numerous other lotteries. As a result of its introduction in May 2013, the odds of winning the jackpot dropped dramatically. To make it up for this change, the owners remodeled the prize structure, increasing the overall odds of winning a prize.

How To Play the Lotto 6 aus 49

The rules of Lotto 6 aus 49 are very similar to those you can find in other popular lotteries like the US Powerball. To give yourself a chance at winning the Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot, you simply need to buy the lotto bet and choose six numbers from 49. It is a well-known system that is established in multiple lotteries across the globe. However, there is one notable detail the German Lotto players need to account for.

While participants get to choose their super number in other lotteries, it is not possible in the Lotto 6 aus 49. Instead, the “Superzahl” is already printed on their lottery tickets. It is a number between 0 and 9 and the final digit of the ticket number.

While this makes the play much more exciting, it can be a significant turn-off for the players who want to have complete control over all of their lottery numbers.

Lotto 6 aus 49 Drawing Schedule

This particular lottery holds draws two times a week. If you are interested in taking part in the midweek draw, Wednesday is the day you should mark in your calendar. Alternatively, you can participate in the next draw at a later date on Saturday.

Wednesday draws are held at 6:25 PM Central European Time (GMT + 1:00), while Saturday draws are held at 7:25 CET. Both draws take place in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Guaranteed Lottery Jackpots

While you have the same odds of winning the jackpot on Saturday and Wednesday, guaranteed lottery jackpots on these days are different. On Wednesday, the guaranteed jackpot stands at €1 million, while it increases to €3 million on Saturday, making the difference between these guaranteed jackpots as high as €2 million!

Lotto 6 aus 49 Payouts and Odds of Winning

Lotto 6 aus 49, thanks to being one of the biggest lotteries in Germany, offers many prizes for its players. In fact, it features nine prize tiers, making it an attractive choice for every gambling enthusiast.

German Lotto Prize Tiers

  • The jackpot prize starts at €1 million (Wednesday draws) or €3 million (Saturday draws). To win it, you have to get six matching numbers plus Superzahl.
  • The second prize is around €583,719. To win it, you have to get six matching numbers.
  • The third prize is around €13,470. To win it, you have to get five matching numbers plus Superzahl.
  • The fourth prize is around €5,160. To win it, you have to get five matching numbers.
  • The fifth prize is around €198. To win it, you have to get four matching numbers plus Superzahl.
  • The sixth prize is around €52. To win it, you have to get four matching numbers.
  • The seventh prize is around €19. To win it, you have to get three matching numbers plus Superzahl.
  • The eighth prize is around €12. To win it, you have to get three matching numbers.
  • The ninth prize is around €5. To win it, you have to get two matching numbers plus Superzahl.

Keep in mind that the prizes we listed above are only general estimates and are subject to change. For example, if there is no jackpot winner, the sum rolls over to the next jackpot. Additionally, the jackpot cup is limited to 13 rollovers.

German Lotto Odds of Winning

The likelihood of winning any prize in this lottery is one in 31. Here is how big of a chance of winning you have depending on the prize you are after:

  • Jackpot — one in 139,838,160
  • Second-tier prize — 1 in 15,537,573
  • Third-tier prize — 1 in 542,008
  • Fourth-tier prize — 1 in 60,223
  • Fifth-tier prize — 1 in 10,234
  • Sixth-tier prize — 1 in 1,147
  • Seventh-tier prize — 1 in 567
  • Eighth-tier prize — 1 in 63
  • Ninth-tier prize — 1 in 76

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Lotto 6 aus 49 FAQ

– When Is the Lotto 6 aus 49 Drawing?

You can check the German Lotto 649 results every Wednesday and Saturday. To see the latest winning numbers, you have to wait until 6:25 PM CET on Wednesdays and 7:25 CET on Saturdays.

– Can I Buy the Lotto 6 aus 49 Ticket Online?

If you live in Germany or are visiting the country, you can buy lottery tickets online or in a licensed local lottery kiosk. Their price is €1,20.

However, if you want to play the Lotto from somewhere else than Germany, you only have the former option available. In such a case, you need to place your bets on a licensed lottery site.

Before you register at the first website you see, check if it is legit. One way to do it is by looking up the registration number of the company that is running the website.

– What To Do if I Win the Lotto 6 aus 49?

After checking the Lotto 6 aus 49 results, if you think you have joined the group of lottery jackpot winners, first double-check your ticket. If the numbers on it match those from the draw, sign the back of the lucky ticket and place it somewhere safe. Next, all you need to do is claim your prize. For more information on that, check “How to claim the prize?”.

– How To Claim the Prize?

All prizes you can win by betting in the lottery are paid out in cash as one lump sum. If you played Lotto 6 aus 49 online, your lottery ticket sales company should transfer your prize money directly into your bank account.

The rules regarding prize claim time limits vary from state to state. As a rule of thumb, you have around 13 weeks from the date of the draw to make a claim.

– How Many Numbers Do You Need To Win Lotto 6 aus 49?

To win the lotto jackpot, you need to get six correct numbers plus Superzahl (a super number, similar to those used in games like the US Powerball).

– Has Anyone Ever Won the Lotto 6 aus 49?

Lotto 6 aus 49 had many winners over the years of its existence that won millions of euros. The biggest jackpot in its history took place on December 5th in 2007, when three ticket holders managed to match six numbers plus Superzahl and won an astonishing amount of €45.3 million. They had to split the prize, but the sum they were left with was still a significant one.

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