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Lucky 3 (Guyana) - lottery results

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2024-03-01 21:00:00 N/A
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2024-02-29 040109040801 N/A
2024-02-28 010604020702 N/A
2024-02-27 090702010804 N/A
2024-02-26 080803070108 N/A
2024-02-24 020103060700 N/A
2024-02-22 030908020405 N/A
2024-02-21 020905090407 N/A
2024-02-20 000903060004 N/A
2024-02-19 090307060809 N/A
2024-02-17 060605060900 N/A
2024-02-16 050707040608 N/A
2024-02-15 010507050409 N/A
2024-02-14 090005040906 N/A
2024-02-13 020901020708 N/A
2024-02-12 070604030102 N/A

Lucky 3 is one of the lotteries you can play in Guyana. Its results are broadcasted immediately following the drawings at the Guyana Lottery Company’s headquarters in Georgetown.

Draws are currently held 12 times per week. To be more precise, they are held every day from Monday to Saturday at 14:00 and 21:00 local time. The mechanical lottery ball mechanism is used to draw the Guyana Lucky 3 numbers.

The configuration that is currently in use is as follows: 3/0-9. As such, players must choose three primary Guyana Lucky 3 numbers from a range of 0-9. Players can opt for a standard In-Line Bet, Mix Bet, Front Pair Bet, Back Pair Bet, Split Pair Bet, or Back Up Bet. Furthermore, players can choose how much money they wish to bet on their selection.

Currently, there are six reward categories in the lottery. Because the top prize is fixed, Lucky 3 Guyana will not be the one to offer you a record-breaking enormous sum. Instead, prizes are awarded based on the grouping requirements of the chosen wager type and according to a predetermined prize payment schedule. To play this lottery, it costs GYD 100 ($0.48) per play.

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Odds and Prizes

There are presently six prize categories in the lottery. Because the top prize is predetermined, Lucky 3 Guyana will not be the one to provide you with a record-breaking jackpot. For the time being, it is dependent on the number of tickets sold.

According to credible estimates, the chances of winning the top prize are 1 in 1,000. You must accurately estimate all three main Guyana Lucky3 numbers in particular. The official website of Lucky 3 Guyana has a detailed description of the prize distribution system.

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Payout and Taxes

Remember that the highest reward in the Lucky 3 Guyana must be paid out in one lump sum. To obtain it, you must first go to the administrator’s main office in Georgetown. Smaller prizes from the Lucky3 Lotto Guyana are available to collect at local lottery offices.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all rewards must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date, or else the winning ticket will expire, regardless of the Guyana Lucky 3 results.

Who Can Play Lucky 3?

Tickets for the Lotto Supa 6 and other Guyana lotteries can be purchased by anyone who is 18 years old or older.

Can You Play Lucky 3 Online?

In Guyana, only local merchants sell Lotto Supa 6 lottery tickets. Still, the lottery’s official website offers an option to purchase your ticket online.

Short History

Lucky3 is a Guyana-based lottery game that was created in January of 2013. For the time being, it is only accessible in Guyana. Despite this fact, this is a well-known lottery.

Since the launch of Lucky3 Lotto Guyana, the game’s design has remained unchanged. Guyana Lottery Company manages the lottery. In Georgetown, the administrator’s main office is located. Players must be 18 or older to participate.

Lucky 3

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