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Lotto Ireland (Ireland) - lottery results

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2024-05-25 20:00:00 3,200,000 EUR
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2024-05-22 01131920263343 3,500,000 EUR
2024-05-18 01051235374234 2,500,000 EUR
2024-05-15 08112735394415 2,000,000 EUR
2024-05-11 08162427284230 3,500,000 EUR
2024-05-08 04152842444717 3,500,000 EUR
2024-05-04 08102133394725 3,000,000 EUR
2024-05-01 07081122374238 2,800,000 EUR
2024-04-27 11192630384413 2,500,000 EUR
2024-04-24 02041316193241 10,960,000 EUR
2024-04-20 01091014264004 9,000,000 EUR
2024-04-17 07112534424410 8,500,000 EUR
2024-04-13 17313338394228 8,200,000 EUR
2024-04-10 04050614323435 7,800,000 EUR
2024-04-06 04080922274546 7,500,000 EUR
2024-04-03 01040506131738 6,800,000 EUR
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Lotto Ireland is the flagship game of the National Lottery run now by Premier Lotteries Ireland. Besides it, the state lottery of the Republic of Ireland also operates two other drawing games — Daily Million and EuroMillions. Nevertheless, they are not as popular as the Lotto, which has raised hundreds of millions of euros for good causes since its creation.

Here, we present Lotto Ireland winning numbers and results as well as prize breakdowns. We also share valuable information you need to start playing the game and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about it. Read on if that’s the game you are interested in!

About the Lotto Ireland

Although the National Lottery started by selling scratchcards, it quickly expanded its repertoire of games. One of the first families of games they created was the Lotto.

Since 2014, it was operated by the An Post National Lottery Company (80 per cent owned by the Irish postal services and the remaining 20 – by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.)

The first iteration of the Irish Lotto was held under 6/36 format, offering players the chance to win a share of a guaranteed £250,000 jackpot. To get a piece of the pie, they had to pick the same six numbers as those drawn by the lottery machine.

Nowadays, it is a 6/47 lottery, meaning that you need to get six correct numbers from forty-seven in order to become the Lotto winner. While the chances to win it all became lower, the prizes you can get by playing the game rose dramatically.

After the financial crisis in Ireland in 2011, the ownership of the Lotto changed hands. Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI of Premier Lotteries Ireland Designated Activity Company) bought the Lotto Ireland in 2013 on behalf of the National Lottery Act 2013. The company runs the game up to this day.

How To Play the Lotto Ireland

To get a chance at winning the Lotto jackpot, you first need to buy a lottery ticket. You can do it either in person or online. Besides, you have to be over 18 years old to get the chance to participate.

The standard price of a ticket is set at €4, and you get two lines per draw. You can play additional lines for €2 per one extra line.

After you pick your lucky numbers, all you have to do is wait until the date of the next draw and see how many numbers you got correct.

Lotto Ireland Drawing Schedule

The Lotto Ireland drawing schedule features two draws per week — one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. Both drawings are held at 7:55 PM. Sales close ten minutes before the draw.

Lotto Ireland Payouts and Odds of Winning

The Irish Lotto jackpot is set at a guaranteed €2 million. While it is substantially lower than the EuroMillions jackpot (€17 million), the sum rolls up from there if there is no lucky winner. As a result, Lotto Ireland has already seen quite a few large winnings during its long history.

If you miss your chance to win it all, the game also offers other prizes you can claim. Here you can view the prize breakdown:

  • For matching five numbers + bonus, you can get up to €100,000.
  • For matching five numbers, you can get up to €1,500.
  • For matching four numbers + bonus, you can get up to €150.
  • For matching four numbers, you can get up to €50.
  • For matching three numbers + bonus, you can get up to €20.
  • For matching three numbers, you can get up to €9.
  • For matching two numbers + bonus, you can get €3 Daily Million Quick Pick with Plus.

Nevertheless, be mindful that these estimates may vary depending on the number of winners and the amount of prize pool gathered for a draw. If you become a winner in one of the draws, you will share your winnings with others who also got the winning combination.

The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 10,737,573. However, the odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 29, making it an attractive option for every lottery games enthusiast.

Lotto Ireland FAQ

– When is the Lotto Ireland drawing?

The Lotto Ireland drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:55 PM. It means you get two chances per week at becoming one of the lucky top prize match winners.

– Can I buy the Lotto Ireland ticket online?

Yes, you can. Even if you are an international player, you can participate in the Irish Lotto, provided you create an account on the lottery website and find an online lottery agent to place the bets on your behalf. If you become the lottery winner by playing online, your prize will be sent to your online wallet on the lottery’s website or via cheque. Check “How to claim the prize?” for more details.

– What to do if I win the Lotto Ireland?

If you think you got the winning combination, double-check your numbers. If they match those that came up in the draw, you can claim the prize.

– How to claim the prize?

Depending on the size of your winnings and where you bought the winning ticket, there are different ways to claim your prize.

If you are a retail player and won up to €100, you can visit an authorized retail venue in Ireland or contact any National Lottery agent to claim your prize. Similarly, if your ticket falls in the prize range from €1 to €2,500, you can visit an Irish Post Office. If you won even more cash than €2,500, you should head to An Post Prize Claim Centre. And if you managed to win a prize of €15,000 and above, you have to contact the National Lottery and visit its HQ in Dublin.

On the other hand, if you played online, the National Lottery will automatically transfer the funds to your online wallet or send you a cheque. However, if you won over €500, you will first receive a Claim Form. Once you fill it and send it back, a cheque will be issued.

Finally, for prizes of €10,000 and above, you must present yourself at the National Lottery headquarters. While it can be tiresome if you played the Irish Lotto in another country than Ireland, you have 90 days after the draw to make the trip and claim the jackpot prize.

– How many numbers do you need to win Lotto Ireland?

If you wish to join the group of the jackpot winners and claim the main prize, you need to get six out of six winning numbers. Nonetheless, if you are satisfied with other prizes, you can match as low as two numbers plus a bonus to enjoy some extra cash.

– Has anyone ever won the Lotto Ireland?

Throughout the years, Lotto Ireland has seen many single-player top prize match winners. However, the most significant Lotto windfalls were achieved by syndicate players.

In 1992, a huge group of players led by Polish-Irish businessman Stefan Klincewicz managed to buy over 80 per cent of all numerical combinations, giving themselves remarkable chances to win all possible prizes. They ended up winning approximately £1,166,000, sharing the jackpot prize with the owners of two other winning tickets.

Another group of jackpot winners was sixteen quarry workers, who won the jackpot of €18.96 million in 2008. It is the largest prize in the Irish Lotto’s history. The winning numbers drawn on June 28th were 04, 12, 26, 27, 29, and 37. The bonus number was 38.

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