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SuperStar (Malta) - lottery results

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2024-06-21 N/A
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2022-07-01 050711193502 8,920,000 EUR
2022-06-24 081620313405 8,750,000 EUR
2022-06-17 010711183504 8,570,000 EUR
2022-06-10 101115253003 8,400,000 EUR
2022-06-03 181922293104 8,220,000 EUR
2022-05-27 020608223103 8,050,000 EUR
2022-05-20 041723263002 7,880,000 EUR
2022-05-13 040709222901 7,700,000 EUR
2022-05-06 061822242807 7,530,000 EUR
2022-04-29 161728313204 7,360,000 EUR
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Although Malta is quite a small country, it does have its own lotteries and Superstar is one of them. While it might not be as popular or have as high jackpots as EuroMillions does, it is still an enjoyable game that many Malta residents engage in.

How do you play it? How can you win? Is it worth playing? Find answers to these and more questions below!

Check Super star results and winning numbers, monitor Superstar jackpots, and see the latest news, tips and strategies on all your favorite lottery games with Online Lottery Sites!

About the Super star

Super star is a lottery game played in Malta. It was launched in 2018, and it is operated by Maltco Lotteries under the license from Malta Gaming Authority.

How To Play the Super star

In order to play the Malta Superstar lottery, you need to pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 35, as well as one bonus number (Superstar) from 1 to 7. If you don’t feel like picking numbers on your own, or simply don’t know which ones you want to play with, you can always choose the Quick Pick option.

Choosing the System Entry allows you to pick up to 10 main numbers and as many as all seven SUPERSTAR numbers. The numbers are then entered into the Malta Superstar draw in every possible combination. If you want to play long-term, you can always opt for Advance Play, which allows you to enter up to 30 consecutive draws.

Superstar does not offer any additional games or draws – the main draw is the only opportunity to win money.

SuperStar Drawing Schedule

The Superstar draws are held once a week – every Friday, at 7:45 p.m. of the local time. If the day of the draw is also a public holiday, the draw is held a day earlier – on Thursday.

SuperStar Payouts and Odds of Winning

There are seven different prize tiers in Malta Superstar. Most of them are calculated on the pari mutuel basis, which means that they depend on factors such as the number of tickets sold or amount of winners of the particular tier. Only two prizes are fixed – €10 for matching three main numbers, and €3 for matching two main numbers and the SUPERSTAR.

Here is a short overview of the prize tiers and the odds of winning each of them:

  • 5 main numbers + SUPERSTAR – 35% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 2,272,424
  • 5 main numbers – 13.25% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 378,737
  • 4 main numbers + SUPERSTAR – 3.75% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 15,149
  • 4 main numbers – 5% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 2,525
  • 3 main numbers + SUPERSTAR – 12% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 522
  • 3 main numbers – 19% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 87
  • 2 main numbers + SUPERSTAR – 12% of the prize fund; odds of winnings are 1 in 56

Superstar FAQ

When Is the Superstar Drawing?

The Superstar drawings take place once a week – every Friday, at 7:45 p.m. of the local time. If Friday is a public holiday, the draw is held on Thursday.

Can I Buy the Super star Ticket Online?

Yes, you can buy Super star tickets online. All you have to do is register on the Maltco Lotteries website. Unfortunately, at the moment Superstar lottery tickets are not available from players from abroad.

What To Do if I Win the Super star – How To Claim the Prize?

All winnings are paid as a tax-free lump sum. In order to claim your prize, you need to have the ticket, as it will be paid to whoever shows it.

If you won less than €5,000, then you can claim your prize at any Maltco Lotteries Limited Point of Sale that has an online terminal. Prizes higher than €5,000 can be claimed at the Maltco Lotteries Limited Head Office during working hours. To do it, you need to have your ticket, as well as a valid and unexpired identification document (e.g., ID, passport).

You have sixty days from the date the winning numbers are announced to claim your prize. Only players over 18 will be able to receive their prize.

If you bought your ticket online, your winnings will be transferred to the same payment method you used to pay for the ticket.

There are some restrictions that might prevent you from claiming your winnings. According to the rules, the winner cannot claim their prize if:

  • They are a minor
  • The ticket has been tampered with
  • Both the barcode and barcode number are unreadable or destroyed (although in this case, they can still claim the prize from the head office if the ticket has the CRC number, as well as the draw date, agent number, terminal number and coupon number).

How Many Numbers Do You Need To Win Superstar?

In order to win the main prize – the jackpot – you need to match six numbers – five main ones and the SUPER STAR number. However, to win any prize you need as few as two main and the SUPER STAR number matched.

Has Anyone Ever Won the Super star?

Yes, there were already quite a few people that won the jackpot. The biggest jackpot won in the Malta Super star lottery was won in September 2019 – the lucky winner took home over €1.6 million. Interestingly enough, it was also the first time anyone won a jackpot since the lottery was launched a year prior.

Once the jackpot is won, it goes back to its minimum amount, which is €100,000.

What If No One Wins?

If no one wins the jackpot, the money from it is transferred onto the next drawing. Since Malta Super star does not have a jackpot cap, the amount continues to grow until someone finally wins the main prize.

What Are the Chances of the Top Prize?

The chances of winning the jackpot in Malta Super star are 1 in 2,272,424.

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