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Kabala (Peru) - lottery results

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2024-06-20 21:30:00 N/A
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2024-06-15 111522293031020810121923 S/ 1,400,000 PEN
2024-06-13 020713293537111617192437 S/ 1,300,000 PEN
2024-06-11 030408102026020713151722 S/ 1,300,000 PEN
2024-06-08 071315202538040917252628 S/ 1,200,000 PEN
2024-06-06 141521223137011525263637 S/ 1,200,000 PEN
2024-06-04 021920283134121416263335 S/ 1,670,000 PEN
2024-06-01 051722353739011216192839 S/ 1,100,000 PEN
2024-05-30 101527363839091719323436 S/ 1,100,000 PEN
2024-05-28 040513182039020321233435 S/ 1,000,000 PEN
2024-05-28 01061321404502032123343522 S/ 1,370,000 PEN
2024-05-25 011127313437121425273338 S/ 980,000 PEN
2024-05-25 021719273841121425273338 S/ 980,000 PEN
2024-05-25 01112731343712142527333822 S/ 1,340,000 PEN
2024-05-23 14192832404211131826272801 S/ 950,000 PEN
2024-05-23 020720232735111318262728 S/ 950,000 PEN
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Kabala is another popular lottery operated by Intralot de Peru, similar to the Tinka. However, unlike Tinka, Kabala draws take place three times a week at 18:00 local time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On draw days, ticket sales close at 16:50 and reopen shortly afterward.

The cost of entering this draw is PEN 1.00. To play, you have to choose six numbers between 1 and 40. Advance play and combination entry options are another similarity to Tinka. Here, you can also opt for a more expensive ticket and pick 15 numbers, or play in multiple draws with one ticket – from 2 to 16 draws at a time.


The minimum guaranteed jackpot in Kabala is PEN 150,000. There are no restrictions to the number of possible rollovers or the jackpot value that may be reached, which can increase the jackpot extremely quickly due to the frequency of drawings and successive rollovers! In November 2021, the jackpot hit over PEN 2,000,000.

Odds and Prizes

As Kabala is a 6/40 lottery, the odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 3,838,380, which is comparable to Tinka’s secondary prize. Players can win in one of five reward tiers, with a 1 in 6 chance of winning anything. Except for the jackpot, all reward tiers have fixed sums, with the bottom-tier payout for matching two numbers being a free play into the next draw.

Payout and Taxes

There are no annuity options available with Peru Kabala. The only way to collect the prize is by cashing it out at the authorized lottery retailer across Peru or, in case of hitting the jackpot, at the Intralot office in Lima. The winner has 180 days to claim the winnings after the winner’s announcement. The prizes are subject to 10% tax, the same as other Peruvian lotteries.

Who Can Play Kabala?

Tinka lottery tickets can be purchased at approved lottery stores throughout Peru or online at the Tinka lottery website.

Kabala is unavailable for international players, as in order to create an account at the official website of this lottery you need a Peruvian ID (DNI) card, a Peruvian passport, or an immigration card. Overseas participants can only participate through Lottery Agent websites.

To play Kabala, you must be at least 18 years old.

Can You Play Kabala Online?

Peru Kabala is available online at the official Intralot website and other affiliated websites. The official site allows you to buy tickets online and cash out your winnings right to your card.

Short History

Kabala was initially released on October 24, 1996, by Intralot de Peru, the main lottery and sports betting operator in the country. Similarly to other games offered by this operator, it hasn’t undergone many changes since its release, making it one of the more popular lotteries among Peruvians.

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