SuperLotto Plus

SuperLotto Plus

🏆 Jackpot 39 000 000 USD
📅 Next Draw Wednesday, 2021-04-21 20:00
SuperLotto Plus Jackpot 🏆
39 000 000 USD
SuperLotto Plus Next Draw 📅
Wednesday, 2021-04-21 20:00
SuperLotto Plus Latest Draw Results - Saturday, 2021-04-17 20:00

Regular numbers

2 7 12 29 44

Special numbers

SuperLotto Plus Hot Numbers 🔥
15 25 6 33 34 47 36 21 13 7 22 20 4 32 35 30 29 18 42 10 24 38 45 31
SuperLotto Plus Cold Numbers ❄️
37 40 14 19 28 26 3 46 5 1 17 39 23 43 27 11 12 2 44 9 41 16 8

SuperLotto Plus Online Lottery Review

California is a state that is mainly known for its hot climate, sunny beaches, and celeb stars. But did you know that the California State Lottery – the California SuperLotto Plus lottery is something to brag about on the international lottery game scene?

With most of the winner SuperLotto plus jackpots beginning at a crazy amount of $7 million (€6.23 million) and about 120,000 total winners for two weekly draws, SuperLotto Plus is amongst America’s most significant and most popular lotteries. In this lottery review, we’ll take a peek at what makes this California lottery so interesting and impressive. Read on!

California SuperLotto Plus History

In the 1900s, people in California had to vote on if they like to have a lottery or not – the gambling laws back then were pretty strict! And after a clear and fair vote in 1986, most of the voters (60% of them) have voted “yes”, because they wanted to have a shot at scoring some winning numbers and getting their hands on handsome jackpots – besides, most places do have lottery games, even if they don’t allow gambling per se.

State lottery funds schooling

The lottery sure helped a lot of players obtain great prize tiers jackpots. The usual format of the SuperLotto plus is that they give 96 cents to the community from every dollar. And by many reports, in 2017, they were able to get $1.7 billion in funding for educational enterprises. This is why SupperLotto plus has a great rating by the players.

What are the real odds of winning California SuperLotto Plus?

Everyone is constantly playing Superlotto plus, but they never had the chance to know their real odds of winning a jackpot. The real odds of you becoming a winner are 1 in 41,416,353. So even though you have small chances of winning the jackpot, you have seven times more chances of winning a jackpot than US Powerball (1 in 292,201,338) and Mega Millions (1 in 302,575,350).

1Match 5 + 1 Mega Ball1:41,416,353
2Match 51:1,592,937
3Match 4 + 1 Mega Ball1:197,221
4Match 41:7,585
5Match 3 + 1 Mega Ball1:4,810
6Match 31:185
7Match 2 + 1 Mega Ball1:361
8Match 1 + 1 Mega Ball1:74
9Match 0 + 1 Mega Ball1:49

But, New York Lotto is also a lottery that is a favorite of all Americans, and it offers you to win a jackpot with double that chances when compared to the SuperLotto Plus: 1 in 21,846,048

Also, if you’re looking for international jackpots, then here are lotteries where you will have the best odds of winning a jackpot in another country:

  • Baloto  Colombia (you have a chance of one in 15,305,575)
  • Canada Lotto 6/49 (one in 13,984,916 chance)
  • Irish Lotto (one in 10,737,575)

How to play California SuperLotto plus

Step 1: Find a Service

To begin with, you first need to locate a SuperLotto Plus ticket service. If you’re currently don’t live in California, there are many online lottery services available that you can try. And if you’re currently living in California, then you have 23,000 retailers available – at gas stations and convenience stores. And with that big of a number, it makes SuperLotto plus accessible for almost everyone in the California state.

Step 2: Pick winning numbers

The next stage is picking the numbers of your choice, so you can select them strategically, randomly, or fast pick.

If you select fast, you will automatically get the numbers (the numbers you constantly use for every lotto game). Strategically enables you to pick all the numbers of the ticket. And lastly, if you pick randomly, then the machine will automatically create random numbers.

The game consist of two pools:

  • In the first one, the individual needs to pick 5 different figures from 1 – 47.
  • The other pool is selecting only one MEGA number from 1 – 27.

One ticket holds up to 5 plays, and you are available to play as much of them as you like.

Step 3: Purchase

Purchase a ticket by paying $1 for every number in the California SuperLotto plus. With every play, you will get a ticket which will be your receipt. It will have all the numbers you chose, the time the ticked was played, and the amount you spent. So go ahead and buy your tickets so that you can try your luck.

Step 4: Wish and Desire

Next up, once you get home, just lay down and think of what is the first thing you would do if you somehow managed to win the lottery.

Step 5: Lotto

When the SuperLotto begins, you have two options, and you can follow the draw live or see the winning numbers on the net.

And to be a SuperLotto plus jackpot winner, you have to match the five regular numbers from the first pool and the one MEGA BALL number of the other pool.

But don’t worry, if you don’t win the SuperLotto plus jackpot, you still have a chance to be a winner. The whole game features 9 prize tiers.

There is an extra game that will cost you $1 extra per entry, and you will be able to participate in the chance to win a $15,000 prize game called SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance. To be the winner of this game, your Chance Code needs to match all of the picked numbers.

Or if you don’t want to bother checking the numbers, then just go ahead to your nearest lotto retailer and tell them to scan your barcode, this way, they will be able to tell you whether you won or not.

And if you’re a winner of any price, then you have a period of 180 days to go to the closest retail and claim your prize. After that, your winnings will be diminished and donated to some school charity organizations.

What is the California SuperLotto Plus Drawing Time?

The SuperLotto Plus drawings are done in California Lottery headquarters in Sacramento. They are presented every Wednesday and Saturday at exactly 7:45 pm.

California SupperLotto Plus Jackpot Taxes

Now for the part that everyone hates doing but it is the essential thing, taxes. So the state tax is the following: “Everyone who won the jackpot needs to pay 24% of their whole winnings. And if you are outside of the USA, then you will need to pay %30 of the whole amount.”

What are the biggest California SupperLotto Plus Jackpot Winners?

Interested in knowing what the biggest jackpot winners of all time are, well, some of them have reached an incredible amount. So here are the top largest ones so far in the history of SuperLotto plus:

  • $193 million (€171.6 million): This jackpot was won on February 16, 2002, by a married couple. Paul Briscoe, 49, and his wife decided to purchase a ticket and win the biggest jackpot of all time. And since then there isn’t a bigger one yet.
  • $141 million (€125.3 million): On June 23, 2001, an amount of $141 million was reached.
  • $118.8 million (€105.6 million): This jackpot size was won on April 17, 1991.

By doing a lot of research, we have managed to see the average value of a jackpot won, estimated at approximately $12.5 million. And there is a jackpot winner every 2.5 draws, so this is proof of how the game is so popular and fair.

Is it worth playing the SuperLotto Plus?

SuperLotto Plus can provide you with a lot of excitement and ways to win for both California citizens and people who live far away. While the odds aren’t the best, they are also pretty far from bad, particularly when you see that the state lottery’s jackpots are a lot higher than many national lotteries.

So in our opinion everyone should go ahead and tests his luck, you don’t know maybe sometimes you are the chosen for the family to win millions of dollars without even working for it just by picking numbers. And with this state lottery, you have maybe the biggest odds of winning 5 number straight and securing yourself with a jackpot. We wish you luck and don’t feel depressed or sad if you didn’t win, a new day is a new chance.

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