Loto Desquite (Argentina) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Latest Loto Desquite Winning Numbers Table

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
26 Nov 2022 08 09 16 25 35 43 N/A
23 Nov 2022 13 16 25 35 39 42 N/A
19 Nov 2022 03 13 25 40 43 44 N/A
16 Nov 2022 06 07 10 26 33 45 N/A
12 Nov 2022 09 14 24 28 42 43 N/A
09 Nov 2022 00 27 28 31 36 38 N/A
07 Nov 2022 05 14 16 28 31 32 N/A
05 Nov 2022 05 14 16 28 31 32 N/A
02 Nov 2022 06 09 10 14 17 35 N/A
29 Oct 2022 03 05 07 22 30 43 N/A

Loto Desquite is the second game of the Loto Plus family. The rules are almost the same as those of Tradicional you choose six numbers from 0 to 41 and two additional numbers from 0 to 9, which are the Jacks. The difference is that, unlike in the Tradicional game, there are only three prize categories. Results are drawn together with other Loto games on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30 PM, one and a half hours after the ticket sale ends.

The Desquite gives players a second chance to try their luck in the lottery. The additional ticket adds only $30 to the base ticket price, which makes it an attractive offer. However, the odds remain rather high, similar to the Tradicional lottery.


The three main prizes of Tradicional and Desquite games are shared. In other words, if nobody hits the jackpot in the Tradicional game, it is transferred to Desquite. Otherwise, the prize equals the guaranteed 50 million Argentine pesos, which is about half a million US dollars. It is worth noting, that while just as in Loto Tradicional the jackpot can increase significantly, there is a maximum award limit of $400,000,000.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning Loto Desquite are lower than those of Loto Tradicional due to the fact that not every Loto player decides to play both, especially considering that there are fewer winning categories. The guaranteed jackpot is ARS 50,000,000, the second prize for matching six numbers and one Jack gives you the guaranteed ARS 15,000,000, and the third, last prize for matching six numbers is ARS 5,000,000; and as mentioned above, there are maximum limits, respectively ARS 400,000,000, ARS 30,000,000, and ARS 10,000,000.

Payout and Taxes

Just as with Loto Tradicional, you cannot choose to receive the prize over time; you can only pick up your winnings as a lump sum in 15 days from the lucky draw. As the minimal prize is $5 million, you cannot pick it up at the local distributor, but only at the official Loto de Argentina office.

Just like with any other lottery in Argentina, Loto Tradicional winnings are subjected to a 31% winning tax. However, as for the Loto games, the operator pays the taxes so you don’t have to worry about paying them yourself.

Who Can Play?

Loto Desquite, just as any other Loto Argentina game, is only available to players in Argentina who are over 18 years old. To play Loto Desquite you must first buy the Loto Tradicional ticket, which is $80, and then add $30 to that with the Loto Desquite ticket. Note that only after you buy those two tickets can you buy the one for the last game Sale o Sale.

Can You Play Online?

Loto Tradicional, Desquite, and Sale o Sale tickets are available only in authorized lottery agencies across the country, which means that although the lottery has a website, you cannot play online. Furthermore, you can claim your prize in person only.

Short Story

Loto Desquite made a mark on the history of Argentinian lotteries in July of 2017, where an anonymous player hit the biggest jackpot up till now. The lucky player from Balvanera won $532 million by matching all six numbers and two Jacks. Not long after that record, Loteria de la Ciudad set an award limit for the Desquite game.

Loto Desquite

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