The Lotto Dominator System. Is It a Scam or It Actually Ensures Winning the Lottery?

Is there a bypass to winning tremendous prizes at the lottery? Did someone literally come up with a trick that will ensure regular winnings at lotto contests?

While surveying the internet, you might have found the Lotto Dominator System. The creators claim that they designed a system that ensures winning the lottery. Moreover, there are claims that the author is Richard Lusting, a professional who won huge lotto prizes many times and has become a legend of sorts.

The program assists players with picking winning lottery tickets through using an extremely complicated matrix system.

You can order the Lotto Dominator system through its official website and its other online partners. Lotto Dominator has a price tag of $300 marked down to a perpetual “sale” price of $147

One of the claims of this product is that it guarantees the second level of winning the lottery. Is it really possible? What else can you expect from it?

There are a lot of Lotto Dominator system reviews on the web. But there is also a huge list of Lotto Dominator system scam reports. Are theme scam reports true or is it just a way of keeping this intriguing method a secret?

In this post, we’ll clear all your doubts about Lotto Dominator system. We’ll discuss it in depth so you can decide whether the system is a scam or not.

Like with any other systems, Lotto Dominator has some pros and cons. You should learn about them in the Lotto Dominator System review below before making a final decision on whether to buy this product or not.

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The History of Lotto Dominator System

Robin Hood is the famous character in the folktale of Robin Hood. He robbed the rich to give to the poor. In a way, this is similar to the story of Richard Lustig : a professional lottery winner who won tremendous prizes from lottery games, and much like Robin Hood, he’s giving back to the poor by sharing his knowledge.

Lustig was featured in ABC’s 20/20 section where he sang the praises of gambling and its rewards. Alan Robinson who was the producer of ABC’s 20/20 section talked with Richard Lustig about creating a program to help people win lotto prizes like he does. That’s how they created the Lotto Dominator System.

Lustig who has 6-figure income as a professional gambler tasked his long-term partner Richard Holliday with making a comprehensive lottery program that will help people win millions based on lotto systems and strategies that he developed throughout his career.

After several years of hard work and development, they managed to create an automated system that actually helps people win big. The duo introduced the Lotto Dominator System to the world through its official site in 2011.

And the lotto experts worldwide gave outstanding reviews when they tested the system. The testimonials are still available on the Internet either on YouTube, websites, etc. and you can go on online forums where you can see that a lot of people have won millions with the help of this system.

Today, they still update Lotto Dominator System periodically with more strategies to provide their students better assistance in winning lotto prizes.

Who Should I Buy the Lotto Dominator System?

If you’re looking for an extraordinary program that will help you win big at lotto games, then the Lotto Dominator System might be your best bet.

It’s designed for players who want to change their lives through making lottery games their main source of income. It is particularly targeted towards dedicated players who have tried different systems and products but didn’t get success previously.

There are literally thousands of systems on the internet today, and it can be overwhelming determining which ones are scam and which ones actually work. Even if you do find programs that have some reliable reviews, it will be hard to tell which ones are helpful and which ones aren’t worth your money or time.

But lotto software like Lottodomination provides players with the opportunity to identify helpful systems that work while filtering out many useless ones that only take advantage of people looking to change their lives through lottery wins.

And with Lotto Dominator System, you should expect an easy to use program that guides you through all the steps necessary to help you achieve your lottery goals while assisting you in winning prizes with a value many times greater than the price of this program!

You are going to be able to change your life! The software is sold by only one vendor, so you can trust that it’s coming from the original source unaltered and unchanged. So, if you’re ready to make your lotto dreams come true, just keep reading and you’ll find out how with the help of Lotto Dominator System!

How Does Lotto Dominator System Work?

For anyone not familiar with lottery games, it can be very confusing how something with such a simple concept could be so hard to win! Not only do most websites require you to buy special tickets in advance, but they also have limits on how many tickets you can buy at any one time! How can the program simplify this complex and confusing system?

Once you purchase the program, you will be able to download it off their site. Once you manage to operate it off your hard drive, you’ll finally be able to utilize it. The program’s interface will appear as a graph. The interface will be blue with boxes in it to help you select the spots of numbers you want.

The first thing you need to do is to select the spots you like the most. You will have to watch your previously chosen spots for a few days. The program will then use this information to show you the patterns to follow.

In this manner, it provides you with the formula that will help you pick the numbers that will result in you winning the best prizes on next week’s lottery draws. The program additionally shows you how many numbers to bet on and how much you should be betting on each one.

It even shows you where you have to buy your tickets from and in which states your numbers are valid. The program will also provide you with your own chart of numbers varying from 5 to 12. Normally, when you click on a certain number, the program acts as a multiplier, multiplying your randomly chosen numbers with each number on your chart.

But let’s talk about how Lotto Dominator System works:

There are two key aspects to understand how you’ll win the lottery using this software: The Matrix Systems and The Power Picks method. Let’s begin by going over both of these!

The Matrix Systems – As we mentioned previously, this software program uses a powerful matrix system that increases your ability of picking winning numbers and it does so within seconds! Instead of spending hours (if not days) trying to figure out various combinations on your own, this software will do it automatically for you!

This matrix system includes filters so that you can filter out numbers for lots of different reasons (including odds and lotto patterns). It is guaranteed that if a number combination is played in any given lottery game, then it will be included within this program’s matrix system.

For example, let’s pretend that there are 60 numbers that can be played within a given game – 30 numbers on one half of the board and 30 numbers on the other half of the board. Like we said previously, if a certain combination has been played, then it will be within these 60 numbers!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that choosing 60 numbers randomly will create winning lottery picks because there’s still more than one way to pick them…but at least there is some kind of way to figure out which numbers are likely!

The Power Picks method – This method has created thousands of winning picks for lottery games because it uses a way more superior approach than other systems due to its more complex calculations.

In fact, each method has two parts: The first part is for creating variations while the second one is for creating variations among these variations! This might seem overwhelming when you read about it in an article format – but once you see what it looks like visually, you’ll have a much better understanding of how this works!

  • The first step involves putting multiple combinations together (like we talked about with the example above). The software creates all kinds of different combinations by itself without any human interference, and it makes sure that there are no duplicates between all these combinations!
  • The second step is where things get exciting — it involves looking at these 60 numbers that are being used on one half of the board (this is just an example), and then taking one-third of them and pairing them off against one-third of the numbers on another half of the board!

    This creates 20 new sets of possible lottery combinations (remember – we can’t have duplicates), so we now have 20 new sets or groups to look at as well! After we’ve looked at all 20 new sets, we’ll take two new sets out at random from each group and combine them together even further into new sets and so forth until we’re satisfied.

The Truth About Lotto Dominator System: Is There any Evidence?

There are many people claiming that they have won significant amounts using the Lotto Dominator system. However, there are no records of these wins and no one who can verify them. If we are to trust these stories, we cannot take them at face value — To believe them, there needs to be actual proof that they have won this way.

Does Lotto Dominator Have A Money-back Guarantee?

One of the greatest things about Lotto Dominator System is that they offer a money-back guarantee. They are very confident in their product and don’t need to trick people with false promises to make a few quick bucks. They offer a generous refund policy just in case it fails to deliver what they claim.

That being said, if we know that there is no proof of their success with their product why would we give them our money? Well, that’s a good question, but the better question is, ‘what do you have to lose’? Since there’s a money-back guarantee, you can always test out the software and return it if it doesn’t work.

Lotto Dominator Alternatives

Auto Lotto Processor

A swift glance at the footer of Auto Lotto Processor’s website gives one a lot of amusement. The small print on the site says it’s “All Rights Reserved”, which is interesting considering no one has any rights to sell lotto tickets to Americans.

It’s tempting to dismiss this as yet another fake lottery service, like the now-defunct Global Lotto, but this one actually looks pretty professional. The site has some nice graphics, and it’s well-organized. You can even download a free trial version to test things out.

To see what is actually going on with Auto Lotto Pro, we did a quick analysis of their claims and how their software works. We’ve discovered that while you may have some good odds of winning a large prize, it’s certainly not guaranteed, the way the website leads you to believe. In fact, your likelihood of winning doesn’t appear to be much better than buying your ticket from a brick-and-mortar store.

We know from past experience that lottery scams like this one are not only illegal in the U.S., they’re also unethical. That said, there is a fine line between selling lottery tickets and selling widgets. But where exactly is that line, and who gets to decide what constitutes an illegal lottery? It’s hazy.


There’s no doubt that selling lottery tickets is a very risky business. There are huge payouts, and you have to pay for marketing and advertising as well as the physical tickets themselves. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for profits.

Not all jurisdictions around the world agree on what constitutes a legal lottery. In most countries, it’s okay to sell tickets that carry the names of the prizes they’re offering. If you have any doubts about offering your service to Americans, you can just offer cash rewards instead of prize coupons.

When it comes to Internet lottery services, however, things look much grimmer — the U.S. is overzealous in its approach to online gambling regulations. Before they were shut down, sites like Global Lotto, Worldwide Lottery and Worldwide Lottery Exchange would often offer prizes worth at least several thousand dollars to U.S.-based players. They were able to do so because they were based offshore, so they didn’t need to worry about U.S. law enforcement agencies coming after them.

Lotto Annihilator Review:

Lotto Annihilator started increasing in popularity in 2019. This makes it the most modern embodiment in a long line of the Lotto Dominator clones, as far as we know.

What is very interesting about this particular Lotto Dominator clone is the fact that it is currently being sold for $250 on the product’s main website. That is more than double the price of many other scams and shady Lotto Dominator clones that we have reviewed in the past. It is also very interesting because of the fact that there are several different versions of Lotto Annihilator available.

For instance, you can get a download version for $59, and there is also a mobile version that costs $79. There is also a bundle version that costs $129, which lets you buy the download version and the mobile version for just $10 more than buying them individually. It is also worth mentioning that the mobile version comes with an app, which you could install on your phone instead of using a computer to make your picks.

All of this is the small minutiae of the app, the real question is whether or not Lotto Annihilator is going to be worth the extra money you pay for!

It is a hard question to answer, but in our opinion, it is definitely not worth paying more than double the price for the same software just because you want to use a mobile app instead of having to use a computer.

This is not to mention that you might need to pay more if you plan on buying a higher tier version of the software which would essentially be a different version of the Lotto Dominator software. This specific version is just known as Lotto Annihilator, so at least, in this regard, it has a more transparent name than most of the other Lotto Dominator clones we have reviewed in the past.

Evaluation of Lotto Annihilator

In our opinion, Lotto Annihilator works pretty much exactly like all of the other Lotto Dominator clones we have reviewed in the past, which makes us believe this software will generate random numbers and then analyze which numbers should be played according to your entry level or which game setting you choose.

However, there are some changes when it comes to the options that you can choose . For instance, Lotto Annihilator lets you pick between 9 and 90 numbers instead of 4 and 45. The reason probably being that you can play a 90 ball lotto game instead of a 42 ball lotto game, so it makes sense to allow the option of picking 90 numbers.

Lotto Dominator System
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