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About Loterie Romande

Loterie Romande presents lottery games and sports betting in the six French-speaking cantons: Vaud, Fribourg, Valais, Neuchâtel, Geneva, and Jura. All proceeds are dedicated to supporting public utility associations.

The Business KPI’s

  • 435.5 Millions (CHF) gross gaming revenue
  • 243.4 Millions (CHF) profits distributed for charitable purposes
  • 2,400 Sales points in French-speaking Switzerland
  • 80.9 Millions (CHF) commissions transferred to depositors
  • 2.18 Million (CHF) Contribution to the prevention of excessive gambling (0.5% of BSE)
  • 2,838 Checks on player protection measures via mystery clients in the sales outlets

Empowering Communities: Loterie Romande’s 100% Profit Contribution

Loterie Romande channels its entire profits into charitable initiatives through independent distribution bodies. Across the six cantons of western Switzerland, dedicated distribution entities rigorously assess support requests against predetermined criteria. Following this scrutiny, profits are directed towards non-profit institutions, foundations, or associations engaged in diverse fields, including social welfare, culture, education, research, monument preservation, and environmental protection. Additionally, a portion of the profits contributes to both amateur and elite sports, fostering the development of sports facilities for the benefit of the community.

Elevate Your Entertainment: A Plethora of Gaming Choices

Explore Loterie Romande’s diverse gaming portfolio featuring six drawing games (Euro Millions, Swiss Loto, Magic 3, Magic 4, Loto Express, and Banco), nearly 40 scratch tickets, and an extensive selection of sports bets. Continually evolving, our dynamic offerings are enhanced to captivate and entertain players.

Guardians of Responsibility: Ensuring Safe Gaming in French-Speaking Switzerland

Loterie Romande, the sole authority for lottery games and sports betting in French-speaking Switzerland, upholds a vital duty of protection. This distinctive role demands an unwavering commitment to shield the population from the perils of excessive gambling. Consequently, Loterie Romande diligently enforces the social measures mandated by federal gambling laws.

Addressing the Entire Adult Population in French-Speaking Switzerland

  • 69% are Loterie Romande players
  • 94% have a positive opinion of Loterie Romande
  • 66% consider the Loterie Romande to be sympathetic
  • 75% consider it trustworthy

(Source: Baroloro Poll 2022)

Unity in Crisis: The Birth and Legacy of Loterie Romande

Amid the 1930s economic crisis, western Swiss cantons joined forces to aid the needy and unemployed. On July 26, 1937, Vaud, Fribourg, Valais, Neuchâtel, and Geneva founded the “Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande” with a singular goal: channeling all gambling winnings back to the community. The Canton of Jura embraced this principle upon its 1979 founding. This glimpse into Loterie Romande’s history, spanning over 80 years, reflects its unwavering commitment to French-speaking Switzerland.

Genesis of Excitement: Loterie Romande’s Inaugural Drawing in 1937

In the grand setting of Sitten Theater on December 22, 1937, the inaugural Loterie Romande draw unfolded. The captivating spectacle featured six large drawing balls gracefully rotating on stage. A moment of triumph ensued as a Valais midwife claimed the coveted 250,000 francs grand prize. Over the passing years, these draws grew in frequency, yet maintained their stellar reception. For over three decades, these events seamlessly integrated into the fabric of French-speaking Switzerland’s lives, until the advent of the Swiss Number Lotto marked a new era.

A New Dawn: Inception of Swiss Lotto in 1970

In 1969, Loterie Romande, Interkantonale Landeslotterie (ILL), Bern lottery cooperative “SEVA,” and Sport-Toto united to introduce the “Swiss Number Lotto.” This marked the genesis of a successful collaboration, preserving the majority of stakes within Switzerland amidst fierce competition from international lotteries. The establishment of Swiss Lotto in 1970 empowered players to personally select six numbers from a field of 40, ushering in a new era of lottery engagement.

Trailblazing Innovation: Europe’s Inaugural Scratch Card in 1978

Loterie Romande, synonymous with innovation since its inception, made history in 1978 by introducing Europe’s first scratch cards with instant results. Inspired by the Massachusetts lottery in the USA, this groundbreaking concept captivated players in French-speaking Switzerland, offering them the joy of discovering their lottery fate instantaneously.

Tribolo’s Genesis: A 1985 Marvel

In 1985, the iconic Tribolo was born, a name that resonates with legendary status in French-speaking Switzerland. The moniker draws inspiration from a novel course at EPFL in the early 1980s—tribology, denoting the science of friction. To this day, the beloved scratch card, often adorned with illustrations from renowned comic artists, retains its unwavering popularity.

Milestone Moment: PMU Romand’s Debut in 1990

In 1990, Loterie Romande marked another chapter in its evolution by forging a groundbreaking partnership with the French PMU. This historic international agreement enabled French-speaking Swiss enthusiasts to engage in extensive horse race betting and share winnings seamlessly with their French counterparts through the common pool system.

1994: The Electrifying Debut of Loto Express

On September 5, 1994, at the Yverdon train station buffet, an eager crowd encountered Loterie Romande’s latest creation promising “a big thrill every five minutes.” Loto Express revolutionized the gaming experience with a novel rhythm—players selected numbers, validated their playing field, and eagerly awaited results randomly drawn by a computer system every five minutes.

1999: Unveiling the Digital Era – Electronic Lottery’s Debut

As a response to a new wave of players, Loterie Romande introduced the electronic rendition of scratch cards on the cusp of the 2000s. Originally named Tactilo and later rebranded as the Electronic Lottery in 2011, this innovation allowed players to virtually scratch eleven distinct games on lottery machine screens across 350 points of sale. Concurrently, 1999 witnessed the initiation of a comprehensive responsible gaming program, reflecting the organization’s commitment to combat gambling addiction.

2004: Embracing the EUROMILLIONS Revolution

In the early 2000s, Loterie Romande underwent a transformative shift. On October 8, 2004, the company joined the EUROMILLIONS community alongside its three founding countries: England, Spain, and France. The introduction of extraordinary jackpots propelled EUROMILLIONS into rapid popularity, establishing it as a standout game within Loterie Romande’s offerings.

2010: Unveiling Loterie Romande’s Cutting-Edge Online Gaming Hub

In 2010, Loterie Romande, in collaboration with Swisslos, transitioned from offering its games on the Internet to launching its independent online gaming platform, a strategic move aimed at modernizing its offerings. Since then, the company has consistently evolved to align with the shifting consumption habits of gamers, particularly those leaning towards mobile devices. Beyond gaming, this innovative platform also serves as a valuable tool for expanding initiatives in preventing and combating gambling addiction.

2018: Introducing the Thrilling Era of ‘JOUEZSPORT!’

Following the overhaul of its online gaming platform and the expansion of its digital repertoire, Loterie Romande unveiled its proprietary sports betting brand, “JOUEZSPORT!” This marked a revolutionary moment for sports enthusiasts in French-speaking Switzerland, offering them the opportunity to wager on nearly 1,000 events every day.

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Social Responsibility

Loterie Romande is dedicated to a comprehensive program of social measures aimed at preventing and addressing issues of excessive gambling. The implementation of these measures aligns meticulously with the requirements outlined in the Federal Law on Gambling. Key social protection initiatives include the early identification of players susceptible to addiction, the provision of self-exclusion options, player education, comprehensive training for staff and depositors, and collaboration with specialized prevention institutes.

Moreover, Loterie Romande upholds social responsibility by ensuring games undergo prior validation before being offered for sale, installing game moderators, and monitoring the adherence to responsible gaming measures at sales outlets. Contributing to the broader efforts, Loterie Romande allocates 0.5% of the gross gaming revenue, shared with Swisslos, to fund initiatives combatting gambling addiction. This financial commitment translates to approximately CHF 2 million annually for the western Swiss cantons, supporting public programs dedicated to preventing and addressing issues related to gambling addiction.

Unlocking the Pros and Cons of Loterie Romande: Your Ultimate Guide to Informed Gaming

Are you ready to explore the captivating world of Loterie Romande? Join us on a journey through the highs and lows of this iconic Swiss lottery. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, our comprehensive list of pros and cons is your key to navigating the lottery landscape with confidence.

Pros: Embrace the Winning Thrills

  1. Rich Legacy and Community Impact: Loterie Romande, with its roots dating back to 1937, has a legacy steeped in community support. Every game played contributes to various social causes, creating a positive impact on French-speaking Switzerland.
  2. Global Reach: With the option to play online, Loterie Romande transcends geographical boundaries. This accessibility ensures that enthusiasts worldwide can partake in the excitement and potential winnings.
  3. Diverse Gaming Portfolio: From Euro Millions to Loto Express, Loterie Romande offers a diverse range of engaging games, including scratch tickets and sports bets, providing players with a plethora of choices to suit their preferences.
  4. Innovative Initiatives: Loterie Romande continues to evolve, introducing groundbreaking concepts like Tribolo, electronic lotteries, and the sports betting brand “JOUEZSPORT!” This commitment to innovation keeps the gaming experience fresh and exciting.
  5. Contributions to Responsible Gaming: The lottery implements a robust program of social measures, including early detection of at-risk players, self-exclusion options, employee training, and collaboration with prevention institutes. This dedication ensures a safe and responsible gaming environment.

Cons: Navigating Challenges

  1. Competition from Foreign Lotteries: Despite its charm, Loterie Romande faces competition from large foreign lotteries. The allure of international jackpots can sometimes divert attention from local offerings.
  2. Risk of Excessive Gambling: Like any form of gambling, there is a risk of players succumbing to excessive gaming habits. Loterie Romande addresses this concern through social measures, but individual responsibility remains crucial.
  3. Evolution Challenges: Adapting to the evolving habits of gamers, especially the preference for mobile devices, presents challenges. However, the introduction of an online gaming platform in 2010 has helped bridge this gap.
  4. Complexity of the EUROMILLIONS Community: Joining the EUROMILLIONS community in 2004 introduced extraordinary jackpots but also added a layer of complexity. While immensely popular, navigating the intricacies of international lottery dynamics may be daunting for some players.
  5. Dependency on Gross Gaming Revenue: Loterie Romande’s contribution to preventing and combating gambling addiction, though commendable, depends on a levy of 0.5% of gross gaming revenue. This funding model may pose challenges if gaming revenues fluctuate.

In conclusion, Loterie Romande offers a vibrant tapestry of gaming experiences, blending tradition with innovation and community support. By understanding the pros and cons, you’re equipped to embark on your lottery journey with knowledge and enthusiasm. The adventure awaits – explore, play responsibly, and who knows, your next jackpot might be just a click away! 🌟💰

Playing Fields: Where Can You Join the Lottery Fun?

Loterie Romande’s appeal extends far beyond Switzerland’s borders. While traditionally rooted in the local culture, the lottery’s reach has expanded globally, allowing enthusiasts worldwide to partake in the excitement. Local retailers and online platforms serve as the playing fields, ensuring that the thrill of Loterie Romande is accessible to anyone with a desire to try their luck.

Unveiling the Jackpot Stars: Real-Life Winners and Their Inspiring Tales!

Step into the world of Loterie Romande where dreams materialize and lives transform! Our exclusive list introduces you to the real-life heroes who turned their lottery tickets into golden opportunities.

  • Meet Clara, a Valais midwife, who clinched the coveted 250,000 francs, paving the way for her passions and dreams.
  • Discover Pierre, the avid player who cracked the jackpot code, illustrating that fortune favors the bold. Each story is a testament to the life-changing magic that unfolds with every Loterie Romande draw.
  • Join Maria, an unsuspecting participant who found herself in the lap of luck, reshaping her future in unforeseen ways.

These stories are not just about winnings; they’re about resilience, hope, and the unexpected twists life takes when chance meets choice. Dive into the narratives that make Loterie Romande not just a game but a gateway to extraordinary possibilities. Your adventure begins with the inspiring journeys of these real-life winners – explore, be inspired, and who knows, your name could be the next to grace our winner’s circle! 🌟💼 #LoterieRomande #WinningStories #DreamBigWinBig


As we conclude this epic journey through the world of Loterie Romande, you’re armed with knowledge, insights, and a newfound appreciation for the magic that happens when chance and choice intersect. Whether you’re seeking entertainment, a brush with luck, or a life-changing jackpot, Loterie Romande has something to offer. So, gear up, pick your numbers wisely, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Your adventure in the realm of Loterie Romande awaits – let the lottery magic unfold! 🌟🎉

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