How to Play EuroMillions? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you wondering how to play EuroMillions lottery game? Basically, you can play the EuroMillions if you are a legal resident of one of the 18 countries in Europe that have partnered to create the lottery.

The EuroMillions lottery has partnered with international lotteries in a number of other countries to host EuroMillions draws. The lottery tickets for those countries are sold within their jurisdictions, but the tickets are actually purchased by the EuroMillions lottery in Paris.

Let’s check how to play EuroMillions.

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How Do You Pick The Draw Numbers for the EuroMillions Lottery?

The lucky numbers for the EuroMillions lottery are selected twice per week. They are drawn in Paris on Tuesdays and Fridays. There’s a popular misconception that there is only one draw for the lottery. That is not true; there are two draws per week.

Although there are five main numbers and an additional Lucky Star number, there is only one main ball draw. This is done to save time while still ensuring a wide range of prizes. Before the draw, five balls are used to select two main ball numbers, which are called the “baseballs.” These are the two numbers that determine what the five main numbers will be. The remaining balls are used to select five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

The EuroMillions drawing process is overseen by an independent auditing firm to ensure each draw is completely random and fair. The main balls are selected from a machine called a bingo drum at random. This drum holds 75 balls. There are five drums, each with a different set of numbers to ensure that the balls do not repeat. After the first two numbers (the baseballs) have been drawn, a second machine is used to randomly select the five main game numbers. A third machine chooses the final number, which is the Lucky Star number.

Two balls out of the drum are selected. Both have a green top, a number on one side, and a letter on the other side. This letter is matched up against another letter on a pool of balls, which includes 1 to 50 digits and two letters that correspond to each number.

The chances of winning vary based on the type and tier of the prize, but you’re guaranteed at least a 0.5% chance of winning something when you buy a ticket. Although, most of the lower-tier prizes are relatively modest, and this modest prize money will always be true unless there’s only one winner for that drawing. For example, if you play the six main numbers and one Lucky Star, your odds of winning are 1 in 139,838. The mathematical odds of winning the jackpot outright are approximately 1 in 116 million.

The payout amount varies depending on what combination you hit. The jackpot size is dependent on the number of winners from the previous drawing. The more winners, the larger the jackpot will be. If there is only one winner of that jackpot, that person gets 100% of the jackpot. If there are two winners, each will get 50% of the jackpot. This drops to 25% for three winners and 12.5% for four winners. If there are five winners, each winner gets a 5% share.

Your winnings vary based on how many numbers you match up with the winning combination and how much you bet. You can find a list of prize tiers on the EuroMillions website . They were updated in July 2017 from the previous levels set all the way back in 2005 .

How to play EuroMillions – Payouts

Here are the EuroMillions payouts for all of the various number combinations:

Five Regular Numbers and Two Lucky StarsJackpot
Five Regular Numbers and One Lucky Star£130,554.30*
Five Regular Numbers and No Lucky Star£13,561.20*
Four Regular Numbers and Two Lucky Stars£844.70
Four Regular Numbers and One Lucky Star£77.80
Four Regular Numbers and No Lucky Star£25.60
Three Regular Numbers and Two Lucky Stars£37.30
Three Regular Numbers and One Lucky Star£7.30
Three Regular Numbers and No Lucky Star£6.00
Two Regular Numbers and Two Lucky Stars£9.10
Two Regular Numbers and One Lucky Star£3.60
Two Regular Numbers and No Lucky Stars£2.50
One Regular Number and Two Lucky Stars£4.30
*Note that these numbers may rise if the jackpot cap is reached.

Chances of Winning the EuroMillions Lottery:

The chances of winning a prize at any tier level are about 1 in 13. The odds for specific prize levels are broken down as follows:

Jackpot Tier1:139,838,160
1st Tier1:6,991,908
2nd Tier1:3,107,515
3rd Tier1:621,503
4th Tier1:31,076
5th Tier1:14,126
6th Tier1:13,812
7th Tier1:986
8th Tier1:707
9th Tier1:314
10th Tier1:188
11th Tier1:50
12th Tier1:22

How to play EuroMillions and win the game?

Some people may think that winning the EuroMillions game is easier than other popular international lotteries. It is true that it’s easier and simpler to win this game because

It only takes 5 numbers from 2 balls and the last number from 1 ball hence just 6 numbers to win. But what makes it more difficult is that the chances of winning are 1 in 139.8 million hence you have to match 6 numbers from a huge concoction of digits.

And this is very difficult without having knowledge about the games. If you are new to the whole process, please read this article thoroughly so that you have a greater deal of knowledge before delving in. It’s never too late to start playing the lottery. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. You may even win millions of dollars if you get lucky. Below we’ll explore in detail tips and strategies on how to play EuroMillions and win this lotto game.

Where & how to play EuroMillions lottery game?

If you already know how to play EuroMillions now it’s time to learn where you can play. Games are played all over the world including EU countries, Australia, New Zealand and a plethora of other countries. Since the game is popular in Europe, most tickets are purchased with the euro. It was first introduced in France in the year 2004. Since then the EuroMillions has taken the continent by storm. Here a few ways to play the EuroMillions lotto game:

How to Play Euromillions: Buy lottery tickets manually or from ATM machines

In this method, you have to go to an office or find a machine and buy your lottery tickets manually. But you may also use your credit card if you want to buy tickets from ATMs. Make sure you keep your tickets in a safe place and check whether you are a winner after the results are announced.

How to Play Euromillions: Buy or subscribe your tickets online

This is the easiest and most practical way of buying tickets for playing the lottery. This way, you can buy lottery tickets from anywhere using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You just need an internet connection and you don’t have to go anywhere — you can just buy tickets via the internet. I would suggest using your laptop or PC if you want to check out results easily and effortlessly.

It is not mandatory to use your credit card or debit card when buying tickets online. You can also use PayPal, iDeal, and e-wallets such as Apple Pay, Skrill etc.

How to Play EuroMillions Lottery?

Most of us know about the lotto 6/49 game which is pretty simple to understand and play so you don’t have to read this section if you already play the lotto 6/49 game. However, it is not the same as this game. The Lotto 6/49 game has 49 numbers whereas this one has only 5 balls with different numbers on every ball (23 balls total). To play the game, a person must know something about permutations and combinations.

Like other games, the EuroMillions lotto game consists of 5 numbers from the first ball and 1 number from the last one (the 6th ball). The number of balls (total 23) in this game is the same as the lotto 6/49 game. These balls may consist of unique numbers on every ball. And this is different from the common perception. People generally believe that this lottery game consists of 5 balls with the same number but it is not true.

How Many Balls Does the Euro Millions Game Consist Of?

As mentioned above, a Euro Millions lotto game has 23 balls each consisting of five numbers and a last ball which consists of 1 number. The number on every ball included under a group of five numbers is called a series. The UEFA organizes this lottery game every week and announces the results after 15 days. It is essential to make sure you know how to play EuroMillions and verify the results so that you won’t miss out on the prize money if you win. You can check crucial information like how to look up EuroMillions results here [link].

We should take into consideration several important points before going to verify the results.

First thing you need to check is if your lottery numbers match 6 numbers (5 from the first and one from the last ball), if they do, you win the jackpot amount which is around hundred million dollars on average and is won by only a lucky few (less than twenty per year). If your ticket matches the 5 main numbers and one star ball (last ball created by numbers in the first 5 balls) you will win millions of dollars — provided your winning amount is always going to be lower than 100 million dollars.

And lastly, if your lottery numbers match six stars (which includes 5 stars from the first ball and 1 star from the last ball), your winning amount will be around 50 million dollars.

How to Play Euromillions: EuroMillion Jackpot Prizes

Things can get a bit complicated when discussing the Jackpot prizes, but we’ll try to explain this in as simple terms as possible:

For the jackpot, if you have three correct five balls, you will get 750,000 Euros and every correct four balls will be rewarded with 375,000 Euros and each correct three balls will get 150,000 Euros and every correct two balls will get 50,000 Euros and for each correct ball you will get 20,000 Euros provided that your winning amount is lower than 100 million dollars.

On the contrary, if you have two correct six stars, you will get 25,000 Euros for each correct 5 star, and for each correct 4 star, you will get 12,500 Euros, and for the 3 star, you get 6250 Euros for each 2 star, you will get 3000 Euros, and for 1 stars, you will get 1500 Euros provided that your winning amount is less than 100 million dollars.

Now, when you know how to play EuroMillions it’s time to learn how to win the lottery and learn more about the lottery strategies and articles!

How to play EuroMillions
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