The Lotter – 15% Discount for New Players.

The Lotter – 15% Discount for New Players.

15% Discount for New Players. Play the Lottery Online with Official Tickets
TheLotter representatives will purchase official tickets on your behalf.
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TheLotter Online Lotto Site Review

Lotto Direct Limited returns to the lottery games market with a new platform: TheLotter. This is a new kind of betting site that you will have the pleasure of discovering, and you can buy tickets from all around the world. Here, you won’t find any classic casino games: the online lottery site specializes in lotteries, raffles, and scratch cards, and lets its users try their luck on jackpots reaching several million. To top it all off, crazy promotions abound.

This is the perfect site that lets you buy an official lottery ticket from many lottery services around the world – like the US Powerball, 100million, Oregon Megabucks and many more popular lotteries.

Our TheLotter review tells you everything!

What We Like

  • Big plus: the site allows you to benefit from discounts, promotions, and a VIP loyalty club that allows you to save huge sums of money. Go for it and discover this platform: it will quench your thirst for big jackpots!
  • The theLotter online ottery site provides excellent customer support, especially if you are part of their VIP program. You can have most of your issues resolved in a matter of minutes by either contacting them or going through their detailed help section.

What We Dislike

  • The fact that the website doesn’t have a sign-up bonus is a huge turnoff for a lot of people, especially as they are switching from betting websites. Thankfully, it more than makes up for it with its other bonus programs. Then again, people used to playing the lottery aren’t used to getting sign-up bonuses with their first purchase and lottery operators don’t usually give them out.

What is TheLotter? A Famous Online Lottery Website

TheLotter is a real star in the world of gambling. While most casino sites focus on slot machines and table games, TheLotter has specialized in very specific products: national & international lotteries, raffles, and scratch cards. TheLotter lets you buy a lottery ticket no matter where you are. They are operated by Lotter Enterprises Limited and are a legitimate lottery vendor.

It allows you to bet on entertainment that is not available in your country. This way, you can play on the best jackpots in the world, and you can even boost your chances of winning by playing in groups and sharing the earnings.

How Does TheLotter Work?

Would you like to be able to follow and participate in the draw for a country you do not live in? Generally, to play games organized by neighbouring states or those around the world, you have to go there and buy tickets. Well, with TheLotter, you have the ability to participate in all the raffle entertainment on the planet without leaving your home! This website actually sells tickets for the most famous lottery games from all over the world on its platform.

That’s not all, in addition to lotteries, the platform also provides scratch cards. You can buy virtual TheLotter scratch cards on the website, some of which pay more than $150,000. Raffles are also available, and allow you to participate in a draw without having to select numbers.

In addition to these, TheLotter sets itself apart even more from the competition by offering innovative betting methods:

Group play: You can play in a group by purchasing parts of a package containing hundreds of tickets with different combinations. The chances that one of the tickets includes the correct numbers are much greater than a single ticket. The more shares of this package you acquire, the greater the percentage of the earnings you’ll receive. It is just like purchasing the shares of a company.

Buy packages: Packages allow you to combine a personal bet, where you purchase your personal tickets, and to play in a group in parallel, with tickets already purchased. If your personal ticket wins, you pocket the entire prize. If one of the tickets in the group is correct, you share the money proportionally with the other participating players.

Subscription services: you automatically draw on all the lotteries you prefer. You can change any combination you like or cancel the subscription whenever you want.

TheLotter VIP Club

What’s a casino VIP club? If you don’t know the concept, you might be a bit confused.

As a rule, online casinos set up their own loyalty program. They manage and finance it themselves and decide on the rules and conditions. They usually call these programs ‘VIP Programs’ to make it sound more prestigious and to follow the aesthetics of brick-and-mortar casinos, which have actual VIP programs.

The actual benefits and rewards of a ‘VIP program’ can be wildly different from one casino to another. For example, in some casinos, users are eligible for the benefits of the VIP program as soon as they register. In many cases, there are several levels that can be reached within the VIP club: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum; each level is indicative of the player’s involvement, especially in terms of deposits made since the date of registration on the site. The more money you deposit into your account and the more you play the lottery on the platform, the more you’ll raise in ranks.

This doesn’t describe TheLotter’s program, however, Thankfully, TheLotter’s program is much more attractive with actual prizes that every online lottery player will love.

the online lottery site has implemented a system of loyalty rewards. With the VIP Club, you can benefit from amazing features that reward you for your loyalty.

  • You receive up to 20% additional discount, and this is on top of the basic offers already;
  • You benefit from exclusive offers reserved for VIP customers and can be informed via SMS, email, call, or mobile notification;
  • You are entrusted to a customer service specialist specially dedicated to handling the requests of the most loyal players.

Is TheLotter Legit?

With a list of over ten thousand online casino sites available on the web, it can be difficult to find an online casino you can trust. This is why we always focus on the safety and legitimacy aspects of the websites we review on our website. It is one of the most significant questions you can answer about an online casino. 

Are All Casinos Reliable? Is TheLotter Reliable? 

The answer to the first question is a resolute no. Of all the active online casinos, there are thousands of casino sites you need to actively avoid if you don’t want to be scammed. To make things easier for you, there’s one important rule of thumb you should employ: only online casinos with a European gaming license should be considered, to begin with. 

This is due to one simple reason: the European countries from Malta to Cyprus all have really great regulatory frameworks for casinos to ensure their reliability and safety, and we, ourselves have found that only European casinos should be seriously considered and trusted, and for extra safety, among European-licensed casinos, the most popular and highest rated should be chosen to get a guarantee of safety and legitimacy. 

Thankfully, TheLotter more than fulfills all these requirements. The Malta Gaming Authority – one of the biggest names in online casino oversight – audited The Lotter and found no complaints.

The license is given to the platform, therefore, certifies that this is indeed a reliable website all around! And this isn’t all, the reviews and sentiments about website online for buying tickets, keeping track of international lotteries, etc. all seem to be generally really positive. This is why you can be sure it is legit. 

Is TheLotter Safe?

You will find that TheLotter features a lot of logos at the bottom of its pages. Among these are in particular, there are some you should pay attention to:

  • GeoTrust: this proves that payments go through SSL data encryption technology and are therefore secure;
  • The MGA: Malta’s gaming regulatory body is responsible for verifying the reliability of the payment interface, of the games offered, and the addition of the tools to protect the player against addiction.

You can play here without any worries since leading experts in security on the internet are constantly monitoring this platform’s performance.

Types of Payments at TheLotter

There are several different methods of payment at TheLotter. There are several different banking options used in the various transactions between the player and the online casino. To deposit and play with real money at, you will have the choice of the several options listed below. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at TheLotter

  • Visa: enjoying a good gambling experience is all about choosing the right, most convenient transaction method. Using a credit or debit card to make deposits from a good casino like TheLotter is easy, fast, and secure.
  • Mastercard: a Mastercard credit card allows you to exchange money between several different banks and financial institutions in all parts of the world with ease. More than 25 million companies in the world accept it as a type of payment. This payment company, which has been in existence since 1966, has a great deal of experience and popularity. It is nearly universal, and almost everyone in the world has heard of it. 
  • Skrill: Skrill is a company created in 2001 under the name “Moneybookers”. This company offers several financial services to more than 36 million users. It is supported in more than 200 countries and offers services in more than 40 different currencies. It has become one of the most common payment options for some types of online lottery companies. 
  • Neteller: Neteller is a popular transactional medium created in 1999 by Optimal Payments PLC. A company based in Canada. Nowadays, the company has offices all over the world: in the United States, United Kingdom; in China; in Canada; in France, and in Latin America. This makes it a global payment option that’s popular with all different segments of the population. 

Deposit Only Options at TheLotter

  • PaySafeCard: PaySafeCard is a prepaid card. It is used to make deposits and other transactions. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. This means it is available in at least 37 countries due to the EU; It is being supported by more and more online casinos out there, and TheLotter being one of the best places to buy lottery tickets couldn’t miss out. 
  • Trustly: Trustly is another European-based online payment option that allows you to deposit money in both Euros and Pounds at TheLotter. It is famous for its great privacy, good security, and reliable operations. Due to all the excellent laws and regulations in the EU, Trustly needs to be really careful about the privacy and security of its users, and you can always trust your money to it, as has tens of millions of other users worldwide. 

What Payment Method Should You Use for Deposits and Withdrawals at TheLotter? 

Casino players have many different options to choose from with TheLotter. Some of the payment methods on the list are more popular than others while some have lower costs. To help you make your choice, we have to take a look at how players can choose the best payment method. 

We take into account several different factors to ensure the viability of these payment options. Below is an overview of the most common factors that will affect your choice when it comes time to make a decision.

Convenience: Convenience is of vital importance. Credit and debit cards are options that most players have, but they are not always acceptable. For online betting purposes, e-wallets such as Neteller and Trustly are the preferred choice because they facilitate two-way transactions through their own systems, which means you can make deposits and withdrawals with a very high level of security.

Local laws and regulations: where you live will impact the choices available to you. If you live in the United States, for example, you will find that credit cards are not an option. Also, some online payment options like Paypal do not allow betting transactions in certain countries because the “online casino” industry has not been approved and legalized by the government. However, players in other countries like the UK have this option open to them. E-wallets are the preferred choice here, and Neteller is the most popular option for most players. 

Security: Security will always be a crucial deciding factor for every gambler, and this is especially true for those who are reluctant to provide their credit card information to casinos (which is quite reasonable). E-wallets are the ideal solution if you want to play TheLotter, especially if you want to use them for deposits and withdrawals. 

Many online betting establishments accept direct transfers from your bank account. While TheLotter doesn’t accept direct bank transfers for deposits, it does offer direct bank transfers to your account during withdrawals. These bank transfers may take a few days to process and there may be fees associated with this type of transaction, but it is one of the safest online payment methods.

These transfers require the bank to verify all information and confirm details about the transfer, which means you can be assured that your funds are being handled safely. The drawbacks here are that you will have to wait for your funds to be released, and the bank may apply fees to your transactions. This tends to make this method very unpopular.

In any case, everyone’s individual needs are different, and you should always do your research and take your time to choose the payment method that is right for you because your money is literally on the line. If you prefer quick and easy payment options, e-wallets are the way to go.

They allow for almost instant funding, and all you need to create one is a credit card. If you want more security, direct transfers are the best option, but you need to be prepared for delays not receiving your funds instantly, and for all the bank fees you’ll likely be charged.

Customer Support at TheLotter

TheLotter has an approachable customer service team. When offering innovative products never before implemented elsewhere, the key to success is to accompany it with a system of explanations and amazing tutorials. This is exactly what TheLotter did.

You will find on the site presentations and explanations on all the types of services available such as the group play option, packages, the VIP program. The whole thing is accompanied by videos that help you understand everything at a glance.

To complement this, customer service at TheLotter is also in place 24 hours a day and allows you to contact trained specialists via email, live chat, phone, etc.

Phone Calls at TheLotter 

A responsive hotline is one of the most effective tools for customer satisfaction and loyalty and TheLotter provides you with a team of excellent operators. Most casinos focus on promoting lotteries, scratch cards, and instant-win games they provide to attract customers. This feature-centric approach isn’t enough in the face of demanding customers and growing competition in the online gambling space. That’s why TheLotter decided to stand out through their customer support service. 

This support service becomes as important as the features to keep gamblers like you satisfied. This is due to how complex gambling can be, and due to all the money on the line, it is extremely important that you get speedy and effective support in record time. Especially if you want to be a serious lottery player, excellent phone support will be indispensable. 

But what makes the quality of the customer service at TheLotter exceptional? The responsive nature of the service is part of it and it is essential. Before anything else, customers want to be answered and responded to as soon as possible. A responsive hotline is therefore a great tool that TheLotter uses to maximum effect to satisfy its users. 

Remember to play responsibly – if you or anyone you know is suspected to have a gambling problem, do not participate in the lottery or any other gambling sites.

Live Chats at TheLotter 

Live chat is one of the best support tools out there, and the 24/7 TheLotter live chat is one of the best ones on the market. If you want fast and effective support without needing to voice call with another person directly, this is a great option for you. TheLotter’s live chat support provides a few excellent advantages: 

  1. TheLotter’s live chat is fast and convenient for you to use: a bettor can briefly describe a problem with ease and get an immediate response. Or you can type out longer questions and include as many details as possible. Whatever is the type of support you’re seeking, you’ll be able to easily get it with TheLotter’s live chat. 
  2. The live chat allows you to start and continue conversations even when a support agent isn’t present: Unlike other customer service communication channels, a live chat allows you to send numerous messages explaining the situation in detail and adding addendums very conveniently. If you have a really common question, a live chatbot might be able to guide you through the frequently asked questions. 

Is TheLotter Legit or Scam?

The forums and Facebook groups we visited during our research and testing phase all confirmed our expectations: the feedback from players on TheLotter is positive. By exploring this platform on your own, you will quickly understand why. It is one of the best sites out there. But our TheLotter review should’ve given you a decent idea too! We know that TheLotter is a legitimate lottery site, dealing with official, certified international lotteries.

The conclusion to TheLotter.Com Review: What Are Its Best Features? 

We believe that TheLotter is one of those online lotto sites that has achieved something truly exceptional through their diversity and ease of use. TheLotter not only has great customer service but these other features are exceptional as well:

  • Availability – Thanks to TheLotter’s simple and responsive platform, you can play casino even in the bus or in the park. All you need is the Internet connection, which doesn’t even need to be particularly good because the website is so easy to load. You can browse the website simply on your mobile phone as well, this means that the casino is truly available everywhere you want it to be 24/7. This is in contrast to many other online casino platforms where their websites are really busy and complicated, and they don’t display at all or they display very poorly on mobile.  
  • Convenience – to become a member of TheLotter and start buying lottery tickets, you don’t need to have exceptional knowledge. All you need is to have an email, an e-wallet/credit card, register in a few easy steps, and deposit some money. It is really convenient and simple — you can go through the whole process in a few minutes and have your lottery tickets in less than 10 minutes. Not all online casinos offer this kind of speed and convenience. On top of all this, when you buy tickets, the ticket prices are more than appropriate.
  • Total immersion – while you might be distracted by other players, casino employees trying to sell you stuff, bystanders, etc. in a normal casino, this will never happen with TheLotter. The website is designed to keep you immersed and comfortable. There are no annoying sound effects, no ugly popups, and no eye-catching colors that make your eyes hurt during prolonged use. has been created with immersion in mind. TheLotter lets you play like a normal lottery.
  • Promotions and bonuses – loyalty programs, bonuses, rewards are very attractive at TheLotter. Its VIP program is one of the most comprehensive out there, and if you really become loyal to the platform and use it for a long time, you’ll win some really amazing rewards. Thankfully, that’s not a hard task as we’ve demonstrated in our TheLotter review. 
  • Many new lotteries– TheLotter offers hundreds of international lotteries from all corners of the world. This includes popular games like US Powerball and Mega Millions, and it includes much lesser-known regional lotteries that provide excellent odds. You’ll be tempted to try out all the lotteries and seeing you’ll get lucky with which one. Thankfully, if that happens, you don’t need to worry, as buying tickets from all the lotteries TheLotter provides is a really smooth and straightforward process. 
  • Easy payment system – the payment system is made easy at TheLotter, no need to get lost in the system. If you have a credit card, a bank account or a simple e-wallet, getting your money to and from TheLotter will be easy.

Frequently Asked Questions about TheLotter

How Many Times Per Day Can I Deposit Money into TheLotter? 

This varies depending on the payment method, your account’s age, etc. We advise you to check your payment service’s website carefully to learn the conditions of depositing money into casinos and what is considered suspicious behavior. If you can’t figure out this information, you can always contact TheLotter’s customer support. They’ll be able to help you out efficiently to get started up. 

Why Does It Take a Few Days to Withdraw My Winnings from TheLotter? 

The payment is processed within 24 hours at TheLotter. However, the money would not be added directly to your account within this period of time, or it might, but these instances are quite rare. The transfer to your account usually takes some time, especially when it is the transfer made from abroad like TheLotter, as it operates from Malta. Some of the time the transaction needs is due to your bank checking the validity and the source of the money, and this is beyond the control of any online casino, and you’ll have the same experience with any other online casino out there.

Is My Personal Information Secure with TheLotter? 

Yes, 100%. At the time you enter your data on the lottery site, the data is encrypted and protected and is not used for any other purpose than the one you intended. If you opt-in, TheLotter may use it to send you information about offers, promotions, and loyalty rewards. We always advise our readers to read the privacy statement of any casino website they sign up to if they want to be 100% sure about the nature of how their data is used, protected, and treated. This time is no exception. 

I Don’t Have a Credit Card, Can I Deposit Money in Another Way to TheLotter? 

Yes, as we mentioned in the ‘payment options’ part of our TheLotter review, the website accepts many modern options that you can use to deposit and withdraw money without using a credit card. It is also possible to open an electronic wallet, for example, Neteller. With this service, you can deposit money directly to your account in the online casino. On TheLotter’s  ‘bank’ page, you can read all about the different payment methods — you will find all the necessary information on this subject.

I’m not 18 Yet, Can I Play on the TheLotter website? 

You can only play in a casino from the age of 18, it is illegal for anyone under 18 to engage in gambling behavior. This is to protect minors from themselves — the law is similar in nature to the laws regarding alcohol consumption by minors.

Of course, as a visitor to TheLotter, you can lie about your age and create a fake account in the online casino. But this almost never works, and you shouldn’t try it.

Reliable online casinos like TheLotter will verify a new account by phone and sometimes ask you to send proof of identity in order to withdraw winnings. It’s not very nice to win a large sum of money, but be unable to withdraw it, is it? When you’re gambling underage, this is exactly what you’re risking.

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15% Discount for New Players. Play the Lottery Online with Official Tickets
TheLotter representatives will purchase official tickets on your behalf.
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