• TheLotter offers Lottery games from around the world
  • The biggest draws in the world
  • Efficient customer service
  • Many excellent promotions on TheLotter website
  • Enormous jackpots
  • No classic casino games on the TheLotter
  • No welcome bonus offered by TheLotter

TheLotter – The Online Lotto Site – Review

Lotto Direct Limited returns to the lottery games market with a new platform: TheLotter. This is a new kind of betting site that you will have the pleasure of discovering. Here, you won’t find any classic casino games: the online lottery site specializes in lotteries, raffles, and scratch cards, and lets its users try their luck on jackpots reaching several million. To top it all off, crazy promotions abound. Our TheLotter review tells you everything!

What We Like

  • big plus: the site allows you to benefit from discounts, promotions, and a VIP loyalty club that allows you to save huge sums of money. Go for it and discover this platform: it will quench your thirst for big jackpots!
  • The theLotter online ottery site provides excellent customer support, especially if you are part of their VIP program. You can have most of your issues resolved in a matter of minutes by either contacting them or going through their detailed help section.

What We Dislike

  • The fact that the website doesn’t any sign-up bonus is a huge turnoff for a lot of people, especially as they are switching from betting websites. Thankfully, it more than makes up for it with its other bonus programs.

What is TheLotter?

TheLotter is a real UFO in the world of gambling. While most casino sites focus on slot machines and table games, this platform has specialized in very specific products: national & international lotteries, raffles, and scratch cards. Its strengths?

It allows you to bet on entertainment that is not available in your country. This way, you can play on the best jackpots in the world, and you can even boost your chances of winning by playing in groups and sharing the earnings.

How Does it Work?

Would you like to be able to follow and participate in the draw for a country you do not live in? Generally, to play games organized by neighboring states or those around the world, you have to go there and buy tickets. Well, with TheLotter, you have the ability to participate in all the raffle entertainment on the planet without leaving your home! This website actually sells tickets for the most famous lottery games from all over the world on its platform.

That’s not all, in addition to lotteries, the platform is also provides scratch cards. You can buy virtual TheLotter scratch cards on the website, some of which pay more than $150,000. Raffles are also available, and allow you to participate in a draw without having to select numbers.

In addition to these, TheLotter sets itself apart even more from the competition by offering innovative betting methods:

Group play: You can play in a group by purchasing parts of a package containing hundreds of tickets with different combinations. The chances that one of the tickets includes the correct numbers are much greater than a single ticket. The more shares of this package you acquire, the greater the percentage of the earnings you’ll receive. It is just like purchasing the shares of a company.

Buy packages: Packages allow you to combine a personal bet, where you purchase your personal tickets, and to play in a group in parallel, with tickets already purchased. If your personal ticket wins, you pocket the entire prize. If one of the tickets in the group is correct, you share the money proportionally with the other participating players.

Subscription services: you automatically draw on all the lotteries you prefer. You can change any combination you like or cancel the subscription whenever you want.

TheLotter VIP Club

There is another program that will allow you to benefit from splendid advantages on TheLotter: the online site has implemented a system of loyalty rewards. With the VIP Club, you can benefit from amazing features that reward you for your loyalty.

  • You receive up to 20% additional discount, and this is on top of the basic offers already;
  • You benefit from exclusive offers reserved for VIP customers and can be informed via SMS, email, call, or mobile notification;
  • You are entrusted to a customer service specialist specially dedicated to handling the requests of the most loyal players.

Is It Legit?

The Malta Gaming Authority – one of the biggest names in online casino oversight – audited The Lotter and found no complaints. The license is given to the platform, therefore, certifies that this is indeed a reliable website all around! You can be sure it is legit.

Is It Safe?

You will find that TheLotter features a lot of logos at the bottom of its pages. Among these are in particular, there are some you should pay attention to:

  • GeoTrust: this proves that payments go through SSL data encryption technology and are therefore secure;
  • The MGA: Malta’s gaming regulatory body is responsible for verifying the reliability of the payment interface, of the games offered, and the addition of the tools to protect the player against addiction.

You can play here without any worries since leading experts in security on the internet are constantly monitoring this platform’s performance.

Customer Support at TheLotter

When offering innovative products never before implemented elsewhere, the key to success is to accompany it with a system of explanations and amazing tutorials. This is exactly what TheLotter did. You will find on the site presentations and explanations on all the types of services available such as the group play option, packages, the VIP program. The whole thing is accompanied by videos that help you understand everything at a glance.

To complement this, customer service at TheLotter is also in place 24 hours a day and allows you to contact trained specialists via email, live chat, phone, etc.

Is TheLotter Legit or Scam?

The forums and Facebook groups we visited during our research and testing phase all confirmed our expectations: the feedback from players on TheLotter is positive. By exploring this platform on your own, you will quickly understand why. It is one of the best sites out there. But our TheLotter review should’ve given you a decent idea.

4.5 rating
I was born and bred in Gibraltar, a British overseas territory located at the most southern point of Europe. Gibraltar is connected to Spain with a border separating both sides. So you are probably asking yourselves why I joined the gaming industry. Apart from it being one of Gibraltar’s largest employers, my father used to run the local betting shops for over 30 years. He was the pioneer of off-shore betting in Gibraltar, he sat on the board of Sportingbet and later on helped PartyGaming (partypoker) establish itself on the rock.

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