Lotto (Austria) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

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Latest Lotto Winning Numbers Table

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
04 Jan 2023 03 05 10 17 35 41 22 3,600,000€
01 Jan 2023 01 03 24 33 39 40 35 3,600,000€
28 Dec 2022 01 05 12 30 34 36 40 1,400,000€
25 Dec 2022 07 12 31 37 40 41 45 1,400,000€
21 Dec 2022 10 13 29 30 32 42 36 55.21 million R$
18 Dec 2022 05 11 27 28 39 44 36 10,000,000€
14 Dec 2022 06 19 20 22 29 39 33 5,700,000€
11 Dec 2022 08 13 27 36 37 40 12 5,700,000€
07 Dec 2022 01 12 19 22 29 35 38 3,300,000€
04 Dec 2022 10 17 25 27 35 43 21 3,300,000€
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If you want to try your luck out in one of the relatively more favorable lotteries available today, Lotto Austria (Osterreichische Lotterien) one of the most popular lottery games in Austria can be a perfect option for you. The increased interest in this lottery is explained by the fact that the player takes part in drawing a multimillion Austria Lotto jackpot for a relatively small fee.

In addition, the importance of this lottery can be emphasized by the number of people who have become millionaires. Today, the Austria Lotto is winning the hearts of not only residents of Austria but also players from all over the world, thanks to the opportunity to buy lottery tickets online.

Below, you will find the vital information you need to know to start playing and winning in this Austrian lottery. You will find out where to look for the latest Austria Lotto results, as well as how you can buy a lottery ticket and start playing to win prizes already today.

About the Austria Lotto

The Austria Lotto is also known by other names, such as 6aus45 or Osterreichische Lotterien, which was founded by the Austrian Lottery Toto Company in 1986 and has been featured as the company’s flagship game ever since.

Its first draw was held in September 1986, three months after establishing the Austrian Lottery Toto Company. In the succeeding months after the first Austria Lotto draw, five other games would fill up the company’s lineup, but it was clear that Austria Lotto was the favorite.

Today, it still remains Austria’s most well-known lottery. It’s a simple, traditional draw-style game where balls are drawn from a single drum. It is played twice every week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and offers more favorable odds compared to other European lotteries.

How to Play the Austria Lotto

The rules of the game of this lottery are quite simple. Potential winners choose six main numbers from the range from 1 to 45 and 1 bonus number Zusatzzahl from the remaining 39. As you have already understood, only one drum is used in the draw, which randomly gives out six main and a bonus number. With the help of the bonus ball, the winning amount can significantly increase, and participants who have guessed fewer balls can become winners in lower prize categories.

Also, for an additional fee, it is possible to increase the chances of winning by choosing more than six numbers. The advantage of this system is that all the winning numbers you choose are equal in importance, and choosing the maximum of lucky numbers will significantly increase your chances of winning in one of the possible eight categories.

Austria Lotto Drawing Schedule

The first drawing took place 29 years ago, namely on September 7, 1986, and since then, the Austria Lotto draws are regularly held twice a week. Drawing days take place every Wednesday and Sunday at 18:48 and 19:15, respectively. You can also check Austria Lotto results online.

Austria Lotto Payouts and Odds of Winning

Austria Lotto winning odds relatively better if compared to the mega lotteries from around the world as well as other European lotteries and offers eight prize tiers.

The Zusatzzahl, also known as the bonus ball, is an extra ball drawn at the end of the Austria Lotto draws to award more prizes. The ZZ ball is drawn at the end from among the remaining 39 balls, and if you match only this number, you win the lowest prize level payout. The Zusatzzahl is also used to increase prizes when three, four, or five of the main numbers are matched, but it has no impact if you match all six to win the Austria Lotto jackpot.

Odds of Winning

  • The jackpot in Austria Lotto is won by matching the 6 main numbers. Odds: 1 in 8,145,060.
  • The second prize by matching 5 main numbers as well as 1 additional number. Odds: 1 in 1,357,510.
  • The third prize by matching 5 main numbers. Odds: 1 in 34,808.
  • The fourth lottery prize by matching 4 main numbers as well as 1 additional number. Odds: 1 in 14,290.
  • The fifth prize by matching 4 main numbers. Odds: 1 in 733.
  • The sixth prize was won by matching 3 main numbers as well as 1 additional number. Odds: 1 in 579.
  • The seventh prize by matching 3 main numbers. Odds: 1 in 45.
  • The eighth prize by matching zero main numbers and an extra number. Odds: 1 in 16.


The minimum guaranteed jackpot amount in this Austrian lotto is 1.5 million euros. If none of the participants guessed the winning combination of six numbers, the main prize is transferred to the next draw. If several people win the prize of the Austrian Lotto, the prize amount will be divided equally among the winners.

Austria Lotto FAQ:

When Is the Austria Lotto Drawing?

Austria Lotto results and prizes are announced every Wednesday at 18:48 and every Sunday at 19:15 local time. You can also check the latest Austria Lotto draw by visiting the official website of Austria Lotto or the lottery service you used.

Can I Buy the Austria Lotto Ticket Online?

To play Austria Lotto, players from all countries must be over 18 years old. Ticket sales on the day of the draw end three hours before the start of the game, so you should take this fact into account when buying lottery tickets.

Using the online lottery service for buying tickets, your tickets will be purchased by a representative of this service in your name. You will be able to see your ticket and all the information about the game in your personal account on the website.

There are three options for buying tickets online:

  • The player chooses the numbers for the game independently.
  • Numbers are generated automatically for each draw.
  • The selected lucky numbers are used for several runs ahead.

What to Do if I Win the Austria Lotto How to Claim the Prize?

The entire amount can be received at once without splitting the payments into several payments. Moreover, winnings are tax-free in Austria, but if you play from abroad, you should consult about the local tax laws in your country of residence. Furthermore, if you used an online lottery service, there may be commission fees to consider (though this will depend on the website you used).

However, you should know that claiming process depends on how much you have won. If the sum of your winnings is less than €1,000, you can claim it within six months from the draw date at any Austria Lotto vendor. If you win prizes between €1,000.10 and €80,000, you will need to file out some claim forms; and if the sum exceeds €80,000, you will have to go directly to the Austrian Lotteries Customer Service Center, which is located in Vienna and make your claim there in person.

For people who have been playing online, the latter implies the trip to Vienna. A possible solution will be to find an online lottery service that can make such a claim on your behalf, but you will have to check it before buying lottery tickets and selecting your lucky numbers.

How Many Numbers Do You Need to Win Austria Lotto?

You will need six numbers to become an Austria Lotto jackpot winner. However, you can also win lower Austria lotto prizes from lower prize tiers. In such a case, you will need fewer numbers matched for example, guessing the Zusatzzahl one bonus number has very good winning odds, making winning Austria Lotto prizes more probable.

Has Anyone Ever Won the Austria Lotto?

Even though there is no jackpot cap, Austria Lotto jackpots usually do not grow into enormous sums, like in many other lotteries from all over the world, because of its relatively favorable winning odds and frequency draws. However, it only means that prizes are won more frequently, making Austria Lotto one of the best options to try your luck out. And still, €1.5 million is a guaranteed minimum jackpot worth considering.

Here is a list of the biggest jackpots ever won in Austria Lotto:

  • €11 million October 2011.
  • €9.83 million- May 2008.
  • €9.88 million January 2016.
  • €9.5 million December 2014.
  • €7.5 million October 2009.

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