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5 De Oro (Uruguay) - lottery results

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2024-07-14 16:00:00 N/A
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2024-07-07 022122304707 N/A
2024-07-04 051125394746 N/A
2024-07-01 080940414320 N/A
2024-06-26 162022394727 N/A
2024-06-23 071014164205 N/A
2024-06-20 071213163741 N/A
2024-06-16 122133374110 N/A
2024-06-12 022023243516 N/A
2024-06-09 081215213544 N/A
2024-06-05 102530354432 N/A
2024-06-02 021518313814 N/A
2024-05-29 172325354826 N/A
2024-05-26 161825314108 N/A
2024-05-22 142630353631 N/A
2024-05-19 030418313244 N/A

Uruguay’s most popular national lottery game is 5 de Oro.

The draws are held twice a week at 21:00 local time on Wednesdays and Sundays. On draw days, in-store ticket sales close at 20:00, however, tickets from all other sources are accessible until the draw. Following that, ticket sales restart.

Tickets for the 5 de Oro cost UYU 35.00 each. To play, choose five numbers between 1 and 48, or use the Quick Pick option for selections that are produced at random. In addition, an extra number is drawn, and participants must match it to current picks to earn secondary prizes.

Multiple betting lets participants select six, seven, or eight numbers to be entered into the draw in various combinations. If participants want, they can choose simply four numbers from among 44 possible combinations, with each unchosen digit serving as the final number on each line.

For an additional UYU 15.00, players can join the Revancha game, using their 5 de Oro numbers, for a chance of winning the jackpot by getting all five numbers in this second game. There are no secondary prizes in Revancha, but because it is a continuous lottery, the jackpot can easily reach enormous amounts.


5 de Oro does not have a minimum jackpot, meaning the amount of bets contributes to the amount you can win. If no winner is found, the top prize of the Uruguay 5 De Oro will be carried over to the next draw. Keep in mind that payouts for matching two to four numbers are fixed.

Odds and Prizes

The 5 de Oro jackpot has a 1 in 1,712,304 chance of winning, with rewards available in seven stages:

  • matching five out of five: 1 in 1,712,304,
  • matching four with extra number: 1 in 342,460,
  • matching four out of five: 1 in 8,153,
  • matching three with extra number: 1 in 4,077,
  • matching three out of five: 1 in 199,
  • matching two with extra number: 1 in 199,
  • matching two out of five: 1 in 15.

Payouts and Taxes

Keep in mind that the top prize in the Uruguay 5 De Oro can only be paid out in one single payment. You must go visit the operator’s main office in Montevideo in order to obtain it. Unfortunately, winnings from the 5 De Oro Uruguay are taxed (detailed info is available on the official website). Another thing to remember is that regardless of the Uruguay 5 De Oro results, all rewards must be claimed within 30 days of the draw date or the winning ticket will expire.

Who Can Play 5 de Oro?

To purchase 5 de Oro tickets, players must be at least 18 years old.

Players can purchase 5 deOro tickets at authorized lottery retailers throughout Uruguay, online, or over the phone for an additional UYU 7.00 in VAT.

Keep in mind that 5 deOro is not open to international participants.

Short History

This is a lottery game founded in Uruguay that was launched over 25 years ago. Uruguay 5 De Oro, organized by the Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo, is only available in Uruguay at the moment. Since the beginning of 5 DeOro Uruguay, the game’s format has remained unchanged.

5 De Oro
5 De Oro

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