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BonoLoto is a lottery in Spain that is organized and regulated by the Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. This organization has been established in 1978 and they organize similar games since then. The BonoLoto itself has had its first draw on 28 February 1988 and it is organized with the aim to give people in Spain and worldwide greater odds of winning with low bet prices and six draws per week.

Interested to play BonoLoto? Read our lottery review below for all the information needed and try your luck in winning the jackpot!

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BonoLoto History

BonoLoto is part of the “Loteria Nacional” a lottery office in Spain and it is one of the most popular lottery games in the country. Since its first draw, BonoLoto had many changes in its organization and gameplay as part of improving and optimizing the experience for its players. (Like the bonus number!) The first of these positive changes were the Reintegro or reimbursement feature added to the game in 1991. This means that you can request the money back for any bet that you matched the bonus number that was drawn.

Another change was the BonoLoto ticket prices designed to offer the opportunity for everyone to play, making this game very popular among all lottery players. This is how BonoLoto could also compete with ‘La Primitiva,’ another popular Spanish lottery that has more expensive ticket prices. Surely, the reduction in prices may bring lower jackpots, but a guaranteed jackpot win of €400,000 for only €1 is more than a fair prize for the winning ticket holder. This bumped ticket sales quite a bit!

BonoLoto has its draws in its lottery office every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 9 PM, Central European Time (CET). With six draws per week, BonoLoto maximizes your chances of winning.

How To Play BonoLoto

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Rules of play are pretty straightforward since this is a 6 out of 49 model of lottery. Namely, as a player, you have combinations of numbers from 1 to 49 to choose from and you have to pick six of those. Instead of selecting your numbers, you can purchase a computer-drawn bet that already has chosen numbers.

To win the jackpot you need to match a minimum of six numbers. However, during the draw, the seventh additional number is pulled and is called Complementario or a complementary number and is used to create the 5+1 winning category as a second-tier prize that also brings valuable prizes.

The Reintegro feature or refund that we mentioned before is a number that is randomly assigned to a bet that you buy. During the BonoLoto draw, if they pull the Reintegro number that matches your bet number, you have the right to ask for a refund for your bet. However, apart from matching the ‘Reintegro’ number, you have to NOT match any of the six numbers that were drawn that day in order to be eligible for a refund.

BonoLoto Price of The Bet

To take part in BonoLotto draw the minimum pay is €1.00. However, one line costs €0.50 and the minimum pay automatically puts you in for playing with two lines at the same draw or taking part in two different draws with one line for each.

You can purchase your BonoLoto bet in one of the blue-colored lottery outlets throughout the country or online at a verified lottery site.

Who can play BonoLoto

Any player above 18 is eligible to play the BonoLoto. However, if you are not Spanish and you intend to play this lottery from abroad, you should know that Spain has a lottery law that states that all prizes have to remain within the country. Of course, this does not stop you from transferring your win in your country, but you will need to pay the Spanish government tax too which is 20% based on their tax laws for all the jackpots won by other nationals.

BonoLoto Jackpot

The minimum guaranteed jackpot for this lotto is €400,000 and it rolls over within a week or for six draws increasing its value significantly. There is no cap, so the BonoLoto jackpot rolls over until someone claims it with six out of six matched digits.

The highest that has the jackpot gotten was €7 million and was won by one person in 1990. Until now all BonoLoto jackpots have been in the seven figures on average but no one had won such a high jackpot. Sometime after that huge win, a group of employees from Merida won the €3,217,858 jackpot. They remained remembered as the largest group to have ever played BonoLoto. They gathered 94 members in their group and then split the prize to €34,000 for each player.

The odds of winning a BonoLoto Prize

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To be a winner or any prize you need to match at least three numbers out of the six. The 5 + 1 bonus ball is also a winning combination and comes right after the jackpot. To get any three numbers matching you have 1 in 57 chance while for 4 matching numbers the odds jump to 1 in 1,032. To get 5 correct numbers and get the three-tier prize the odds are 1 in 54,201, while for the second-tier prize to match 5 + 1 your odds are 1 in 2,330,636. To get the jackpot with 6 matching numbers you have 1 in 13,983,816 chances. However, to get any matching number from the six, your chances are 1 in 8.

BonoLoto Prize Payout

After the draw, if your bet has matched some of the numbers for any of the BonoLoto prizes, you can claim your win at the lottery offices or online. If you played online, then you will get your money transferred to the account you have registered previously. All websites have different rules on how much money they can transfer to their players’ accounts, so you have to check with their customer service prior to transferring any amount. If you want to claim your prize at the BonoLoto offices directly in Spain, you will need to bring the bet to be checked first by an electronic machine. This will verify that you had won and will show the exact amount that you will claim.

After it is confirmed that you are the winner and you won any prize up to 600 euros, you will get paid directly in the office. However, if you had won anything larger than that, you will have to bring the winning bet directly to your bank so they can copy it and create a receipt based on the bet while keeping the original bet with the receipt. Then the bank has an obligation to contact the BonoLoto lotto office and verify the validity of the bet. When the lotto office confirms, you will receive your money into your bank account within a week. No matter what the prize is, you have to claim it within 60 to 90 days of the draw.

BonoLoto Lottery Taxes

As we mentioned before, no matter what nationality you are or which country you play from, any BonoLoto prize above €2500 is eligible for 20% tax. You may pay additional taxes upon transferring your money outside Spanish borders and you also may pay taxes back home. This will depend on your country’s regulations, so make sure to check with them before transferring anything.

BonoLoto Fund Distribution and Donations

Bonoloto donates quite a lot of money in various projects. Only 55% of money made through bet sales go to prizes while the rest first goes to the state pool and is then used in some percentage to aid healthcare, education projects, housing developments, and many other cultural projects within the community.

BonoLoto Lottery Site Conclusion

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The BonoLoto is not a scam and it has been played for decades now with great ratings. It is one of the very few lotteries to offer such frequent draws and low bet prizes. This is what makes the game so popular since everyone can afford to play. Also, the chances of winning aren’t as low as with some of the other lotteries, so that is an additional bonus. The affordable price means a lower starting jackpot of 400,000 euro but since the draw occurs six times a week, the jackpot rolls in the seven figures on average.

Do we recommend BonoLoto?

We recommend BonoLoto for anyone in Spain or globally that wants to try their luck at affordable prices. This is a very popular game played by many Spaniards as well as other lottery fans across the world, so why not try it yourself? Plus with their straightforward policy about fund distribution, you know that you are contributing to good causes within Spain while also playing to win some notable sums.

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