Buy Lotto Max Online from Canada – 2023

Buy Lotto Max Online from Canada – 2023

Buy Lotto Max Online from Canada

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Lotto Max Online Lottery Review

Did you know that you can buy lotto max online? Lotto Max is a Canadian lottery game established in September 2009 as a replacement to Lotto Super-7. It is organized and regulated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. They oversee all operations related to Lotto Max as well as the Lotto 6/49, another big Canadian jackpot game.

Ever since its first game, Canada’s Lotto Max has become one of the largest and most popular jackpot games in the country. Now that they offer the possibility to play online they have grown even more. In this Lotto Max review, we will go through all the important facts and information regarding the game.

Lotto Max History

A popular choice among many other lottery games in the country, millions of citizens and other nationals online play the Lotto Max and anticipate their large winnings with each raffle. It is worth noting that since its launch, Lotto Max in its first 10 months has grown a higher revenue than its predecessor Lotto Super-7 could in the 15 years that was up and running. This success is mainly due to its large prize pool winnings and especially because of the added feature, MaxMillions, that increases the chances of winning and increases the prizes overall.

Lotto Max MaxMillions Feature

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Since we mentioned it as a popular option in the Lotto Max, let’s describe it a bit further as to what it is and how you can take advantage of it. Namely, the MaxMillions activates whenever the Lotto Max jackpot reaches $50 million. When this amount of money is in play, with the MaxMillions players are offered by the lottery to play and win one of their several $1-million prizes.

These $1-million prizes are separate from what the Lotto Max normally offers and they come into play as additional wins when the jackpot reaches the amount we mentioned before. So, even if you didn’t win the jackpot, you still have a chance of winning a fairly cool prize of $1 million. This is what the Lotto Max differs by from other lotteries and what boosts its popularity even more worldwide.

Canada Lotto Max Draw Time

The draws take place in Toronto, Ontario right after the bet selling cutoff time at 7:30 pm PT/8:30 pm MT/9:30 pm CT, twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights.

Lotto Max Bets Price

One of the few disadvantages this lottery has when compared to other games is its price per bet. It sells at $5 and it is one of the most expensive bets in North America. For the $5 price, you are paying for three lines or three sets of lotto max numbers ranging from 1 to 49 for each line. So, you are choosing twenty-one potentially winning numbers in total. So, for the price, even though higher than some other games, they do give you more chances with the three lines.

How To Buy Lotto Max Online?

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Just like most lotteries, the Lotto Max is fairly simple to play. As we mentioned before, you have three lines of seven winning numbers to play with for each turn. If you manage to match one line’s seven numbers you win a share of almost 90% of the total prize pool for that game.

When you buy Lotto Max online you can choose to select your three sets of seven numbers with their Selection Slip option or if you feel that luck is on your side, you can opt for the Quick Pick option. This will give you bets with randomly selected winning numbers along with the bonus number. The chances of winning with your numbers or their cold numbers pick are about the same if we compare the statistics of previous winners.

Additionally, Lotto Max has a third option called Advance Play. With it, you can go into a prepaid game and play for up to 26 weeks or 52 draws in advance. This way you will never forget to buy Lotto Max online or missing a draw and with it, you can play the same numbers for all the future draws that you select. This option is offered by many of the online lottery sites that also have subscriptions for different types of lotteries.

The Odds of Winning Lotto Max Jackpot and Other Prizes

The Canada Lotto Max odds for winning the jackpot are somewhat mid-way between other popular lotteries like the American Powerball or the US Mega Millions and the Canadian Lotto 6/49. If you are interested in the statistics of each win and how likely are you to score any Lotto Max prize, take a look at the article below that contains the odds of winning.

As a comparison, your chances of winning the jackpot by playing Powerball is 1 in 292,201,338 while in Mega Millions your odds are 1 in 302,575,350, and in Lotto Max, your chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 33,294,800. About 9 times higher chances are what makes this lottery popular. However, when compared to the Lotto 6/49, it is are almost 2.5 times more difficult to win a jackpot in Lotto Max because the odds in Lotto 6/49 are 1 in 13,983,816 and they often offer similar jackpot prizes.

Furthermore, when playing the Lotto Max, you have 1 in 7 chances of winning any prize and many of those are above $1000, so we would say that’s a pretty good trade for $5. For instance, in the most recent draws, there have been about 50 winners that took $4,305 home, 36 with $1000 prize, and 149 that won $800 and more than 2500 than won $110.

The Most Notable Lotto Max Jackpots

The minimum jackpot offered at Lotto Max is $10 million. This is a guaranteed amount that occurs at the draw after someone takes home the accumulated jackpot before. With that said, there is a $70-million cap on it which means you cannot get more than that in this lottery. Once the jackpot reaches $50 million, the MaxMillions is activated but if any MaxMillions prizes are not won once someone wins the jackpot, they roll over and fill the next minimum $10 million jackpot with additional millions of Canadian dollars for the rest of the lottery winners.

Prize Pool Values

With that said, there have been some staggering sums of money that the Lotto Max has reached ever since its first draw:

– The first record-breaking prize pool reached $100 million in July 2012, counting the jackpot with all the rest of the potential prizes.

– In January 2017 the prize pool outweigh the one from 5 years earlier, reaching $102 million.

– The next year, May 2018, it reached $110 million, again breaking the previous Lotto Max record.

As you know already, with the jackpot cap, one winner cannot take all that money above, but still, there are several significant jackpot winners, one even winning the jackpot right at its cap value of $70 million in January of 2020.

Payout Options

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Other lotteries offer annuity payments, but with Lotto Max, there is only the possibility of getting your money, and that is through a lump-sum payment.


Canada is one of the few countries in the world that does not tax its citizens for money won in lotteries. So, if you are a Canadian national and you win the Lotto Max jackpot, federal and provincial governments will not tax your lottery prize. However, if you don’t reside in Canada and you have won a prize by playing online, then Canadian taxes still won’t apply but your country’s tax laws do. This is why we recommend checking with your local authorities before transferring any money into your local account.

How Can You Buy Lotto Max Online?

Lotto Max is available as an online lottery and the only requirement is that lotteries are legal in your country and that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are Canadian, you can either buy the bets from an official lottery kiosk or retailer or even buy Lotto Max online by buying the bets through the provincial lottery corporations’ official website.

If a national from another country, then you can buy Lotto Max Online from almost all verified and licensed third-party lottery sites. So, your chances of winning are not limited in any way. On top of that, many of these third-party lottery sites offer great welcome bonuses or subscription features that players find very useful when first starting to play. Plus, on many, you can play as a member in groups or a lottery syndicate which enables you to play with more lottery players and more sets of numbers which increases your chances of winning the jackpot by many times.

Lotto Max Scammers

Just like many other popular lotteries, the Lotto Max has a few associated with it ranging from scamming emails to letters and even whole websites. Always double-check whether the online retailer you buy Lotto Max online from is an official seller and if others buy Lotto Max online from them as well.

Canada Lotto Max – Would We Recommend it?

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The odds are fairly okay and you do not get taxed on your prizes. We would say those two are enough to convince us to recommend this lottery game. However, more of the reasons that add to the list is the massive jackpots of up to $70 million and their MaxMillions option that gives more people a chance to win $1 million once the jackpot hits $50 million. Upon checking many reviews and articles from websites and reviews from past players and winners, we determined that this is a legit lottery, and with the up to 9 times higher likelihood of winning, we would definitely recommend the Canadian Lotto Max and encourage you to try it out.

buy lotto max online
Buy Lotto Max Online

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