What is the probability of winning the Melate Lottery?

What is the probability of winning the Melate Lottery?


Melate is a lottery game created by ‘Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública’, a Mexican public body that regulates betting and the Mexican lottery. Within this sector, the Melate draws stand out, which are held twice a week (as is also the case with the United States lottery). Participation in the game is done through tickets that can be purchased at more than 9,000 publicly recognized and authorized agencies.

Today, thanks to technology, the purchase of tickets can also be made via the Internet. Its game dynamics is based on choosing six numbers between 1 and 56. To win a prize it is necessary to match two of these numbers. The winner is announced on the same Wednesday or Sunday of the game, which is the day Melate is played in Mexico. At 9:15 p.m. (local time in Mexico City) the Melate begins.

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Get the main prize

Melate has a main prize, the Mayor, and other prizes of lesser economic value, but equally interesting. If we look at the history of the main prize, we will conclude that it falls quite often, approximately every two or four months. Therefore, the frequency with which a player can win the Melate Jackpot is quite high, compared to other lottery and betting games. In fact, it is estimated that close to 100,000 players have already won Melate in the years that it has been around.

Get hold of the Melate jackpot

Melate has a jackpot with a probability of 1 in 32,468,436. I mean, pretty low. The largest number of this probability indicates the combinations of possible numbers that can occur arbitrarily and between whose combination there must be, at least, two of the six numbers that we have previously selected. The jackpot is the only jackpot in all of Mexico that has more than 30 million pesos. Although, on the other hand, there is also the Melate Retro lottery, which offers a jackpot that falls more frequently, even if the value of the accumulated prize is lower.

Win a secondary prize

Melate has several secondary prizes that can be won with a higher probability than the Major or the Melate jackpot. These awards are organized into 9 categories. The approach is based on guessing a number between 1 and 10. Regarding the probability of winning a few pesos, Melate has a prize (9th prize) in which the reward is 26 pesos. In the case of prizes 7 and 8, these have a probability of 1 in 88 and 1 in 117.

In addition, both allow you to earn between 30 and 40 pesos.
The secondary prizes, as can be seen, contrast with the probability of the Major prize. Although, for this same reason, they do not offer large sums of money in pesos, at least they do allow the player to recover part of their investment.

See how the Melate draw is drawn

Get prizes of between 50,000 and 200,000 pesos

To achieve Melate prizes between these two amounts, it is necessary to match 5 of the 6 numbers chosen as the main ones. To these 6 numbers, among which 5 have to coincide with the winning number, an additional one is added from among the 56 available numbers. When it comes to smaller prizes, for example, between 100,000 and 5,000 pesos, the probability of obtaining them increases. We can say that the probability of getting a prize in Melate is inversely proportional to the value of the prize: the higher the value, the lower the probability, and vice versa.

Prizes between 100,000 and 5,000 pesos

As already mentioned above, the probability of achieving them increases. In this case, in the 4th prize, for example, we observe that the probability of winning it is 1 in 44,000.

I want to win Melate: How can I increase the chances?

The first possibility is the most logical: play Melate with more combinations of numbers. If there are 32 million possible combinations, the more numerical combinations we play, the more likely it is that one of these combinations will coincide with the winner. It is important to know, therefore, the statistics. Although it is not possible to guess the winning combination, since the Melate lottery is still a game of chance, the possibility and probability of hitting can be favored through what is known as “special plays”, which are explained below:

Multiple play

7 to 10 numbers are chosen. Through theLotter system, the systematic choice can be configured, so that the system itself provides between 7 and 210 lines of possible numerical combinations, from which we can choose the desired ones.

Group play: Syndicates

It is based on sharing the investment costs of a high number of tickets with friends. In this way, more tickets can be purchased, thus increasing the chances of obtaining a millionaire prize and opting for said prize, without this entailing a risk for our pocket. You can even buy small parts of the same ticket and share it with those who have decided to do so.

Most if not all lottery operators also offer the chance to join lottery syndicates. This is all done online and you are surely bound to find many more players interested in joining one.

Melate Packages

It is a combination between the advantages offered by individual and group plays.

What to do when the Melate is won?


The SAT is the Tax Administration Service founded in 1995 by Ernesto Zedillo. According to what is established in article 149 of the Fiscal Code of Mexico City, the entity that grants the Melate tickets must retain a percentage of 6% of the amount of the prize. This withholding is applied as payout and lottery taxes, which means that whoever wins the Melate or any other similar contest must deduct 6% from their earnings as taxes.

In other words, 6% of what the player won is deducted from the sum of the prize money. The player will have to include the amount won in his annual income statement, but he will no longer have to pay more taxes or deduct any more percentage from the total won. The 6% has already been discounted only once when he received the prize.

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