Lottery Winners are unaware of Magical Towns

Lottery Winners are unaware of these Magical Towns in Mexico. Don’t miss out, read on.

One of the most common leisure plans among the population is traveling. However, not everyone can afford it. Regardless of the destination, travel has in many cases become a luxury that only a few can afford. What is clear is that, whether the transfer takes place within the country itself or outside it, a good sum of money is going to go on accommodation, transportation, tourist routes, purchases of souvenirs and souvenirs, etc. However, there are those who do not want to give up their vacations. Among those who want to travel, it is common to play the lottery.

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Lottery Winners
Lottery Winners

Games of chance, betting and especially the lottery, are constituted as means by which to obtain money in a simple, comfortable and fast way. In addition, thanks to current digitization, it is possible to find platforms from which to play the lottery online, without the physical presence of the player being required.

Powerball or Mega Millions, American lotteries of international reference, are two of the ways that most Mexicans bet when it comes to getting extra money with which to finance their vacation trips. However, apart from the money, the destination is also relevant and, often, in choosing a good destination, lottery winners do not choose well, so the money ends up being wasted in places that are not worth it.

In order for you to find a destination in which to invest money is profitable, in this article, we inform you of the best places to visit in Mexico and the best accommodation. But, above all, we inform you about the so-called “magical towns”, places with real charm that seem to be taken from stories and adventure novels.

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Lottery Winners: Accommodation in Mexico

Lottery winners often choose luxurious hotels whose cost can reach (and exceed) 20,000 pesos per person per night. There are cheaper alternatives that also provide comfortable and complete accommodation, with good services, and that allow us to better manage our money. Such is the case of the spaces that are destined for rural camping (ideal for tourism that values nature) or the historic haciendas of Mexico, which are part of its cultural heritage, for those who wish to stay in a hotel with history behind it.

It is said that a button is worth a sample, so, below, as an example of a historic hacienda remodeled into a luxury hotel, we present you:

Lottery winners: Hacienda San Gabriel

Located in Morelos, one of the states that make up Mexico, this hacienda stands in an environment characterized by its history, rich traditions, gastronomy, crafts, great tourist infrastructure and a warm and hospitable population.

Although, at first, it was a sugar plantation (ingenio) in the style of many other colonial plantations, such as those that can also be seen in Cuba and other Latin American areas, today it is a luxury hotel that has a spa, space for weddings, spacious rooms with views of fountains and gardens, and a restaurant where you can taste the traditional cuisine of Morelos and the hacienda’s own menu.

Its past dates back to the 16th century, specifically to 1529, the year it was built. In this way, it combines its historical value with the modern features of room service, a bar, a pool bar, a restaurant serving Mexican specialties and sports areas (tennis court, horseback riding, mountain biking trails, etc.)

Lottery Winners: Homes for Long-Term Stays

If the option being considered is to stay in Mexico for a long time, Cabo de San Lucas is a good option. It is one of the best valued areas of Baja California. That yes, here the lottery money is going to be very necessary, since its exclusivity makes it the most expensive city in Mexico, at least according to Forbes magazine.

However, its main attraction is the short distance that separates it from the United States, which makes American lottery winners stay here. Still, despite the amount of money won, the price of their houses exceeds what most lottery winners can afford. A single home can cost about 4 million euros.

Some cheaper alternatives are found in magical towns such as:

Lottery winners: Alamos

Álamos is a town located in the southeast of the state of Sonora. It is the cultural capital of the state. Its average climate of 24 degrees, in combination with the houses full of hallways and patios of exuberant vegetation, make it a kind of paradise in the middle of a region that, otherwise, is mostly desert. Also known as “The City of Portals”, Álamos has its origins in the Spanish colonial past.

Specifically, it was founded in the 17th century by Governor Domingo Terán de los Ríos, who settled in the region after discovering the existence of silver mines in Promontorios, La Aduana, Las Cabras and other nearby areas. During the time these deposits were exploited, mansions and public buildings were built that have survived to this day. Although in the 19th century, after the depletion of its mines, Álamos ran the risk of falling into oblivion, around the 1950s it experienced a rebound in which its cultural and historical heritage began to be exploited, and today it is a fairly frequented.

Lottery Winners: Tequila

Tequila is located in the state of Jalisco and is one of the most traditional companies in Mexico, since its economic activity and history are linked (as its name indicates) to the drink itself.

Tequila – Lottery Winners

Originally, it was a valley that José Cuervo, accompanied by many other visionaries, filled with reddish volcanic earth, in which they planted agave tequilana, from which they obtained “mezcal” (undistilled tequila). Prior to their arrival in the valley, the region was inhabited by Chichimecas and Otomíes, who before the arrival of the Franciscans seemed to accept them peacefully. However, there were occasional revolts over time that led many friars to leave the area.

However, there were Spanish families that did remain and in 1600, Pedro Sánchez de Tagle created the first distillery that would process all the juices extracted from the agave tequilana plants. By the 18th century, the region was already full of taverns where the drink was served and spread. Such was its success that, in the mid-1700s, José Cuervo populated some of the land with blue agaves. After the prohibition that kept the drink censored, as it was considered an instrument of brutalization for the behavior of the Indians, its production was resumed and also, the production of mezcal wine began.

For this reason, those who win the lottery often choose to visit the streets of Tequila, where all those beverage factories that have positioned it as one of the industries with the highest productivity can be distinguished.

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