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Loto Revancha (Chile) - lottery results

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2024-03-03 23:00:01 N/A
Draw date Winning numbers Jackpot
2024-02-29 062021232735 N/A
2024-02-27 011219202628 N/A
2024-02-25 010713202138 N/A
2024-02-22 182526343739 N/A
2024-02-20 020305102139 N/A
2024-02-18 031011303839 N/A
2024-02-15 040513212240 N/A
2024-02-13 031516212329 N/A
2024-02-11 031113273237 N/A
2024-02-08 101321233840 N/A
2024-02-06 011314162537 N/A
2024-02-04 051112252629 N/A
2024-02-01 010711263436 N/A
2024-01-30 021317203441 N/A
2024-01-28 080914223035 N/A

Loto Revancha is one of the additional games available to those who bought the Loto Clasico ticket.

Each player willing to try the Revancha game must first play the base game, the Loto Clasico, priced at CLP 1000. Because the rules require the games to be played in a very specific order, each bettor must then play the Recargado, costing an additional CLP 500. Only then the Revancha can be played, costing further CLP 300. So, in simple terms, the ability to enjoy Revancha costs you a cumulative CLP 1800.

Loto Revancha plays like Loto Clasico does, with each player required to choose six numbers from between 1 and 41. Those can be input manually, or you can allow the system to randomly generate the numbers for you using its RNG generator. Players can use Combined Play to increase the number of picks from 6 to 10. In this case, however, it is no longer possible to use the computer to randomly select the numbers.

Loto Revancha is drawn three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 9 pm local time.


The minimum jackpot offered by the Loto Clasico, including Revancha, is CLP 250 million, but as there is no rollover or jackpot cap, the prizes can be much higher. 

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning at Loto Revancha are quite high when compared with the other national lotteries, situated at 1 in 4,496,388.

There are eight prize tiers involved:

  • The first one requires you to match all 6 numbers, with the winning odds at 1 in 4,496,388, equating to 0.00002%.
  • The second one is won if 5 numbers plus a Bonus Ball are matched, with the winning odds at 1 in 149,398, equating to 0.0007%.
  • The third tier requires you to match 5 numbers, with the winning odds at 1 in 22,041, equating to 0.005%.
  • The fourth tier is awarded if you pick correctly 4 numbers and a Bonus Ball, resulting in odds of 1 in 8816, which equates to 0.01%.
  • The fifth tier needs 4 correct picks, with the winning odds at 1 in 534, equating to 0.19%.
  • The sixth tier needs 3 matches and a Bonus Ball, giving you the odds at 1 in 401, equating to 0.25
  • The seventh tier requires you to match 3 numbers, with the odds situated at 1 in 38, equating to 2.6%.
  • The final, eighth tier, needs 2 matches and a Bonus Ball, with the odds at 1 in 50, equating to 2%.

Payout and Taxes

As the Loto Revancha is part of the national Chilean Loto family, the same rules apply in both cases.

If you’ve won at Revancha, you have up to 90 days to claim your prize in the form of lump sums. If you’re a native of Chile, your winnings are taxed at a 17% rate. Players from abroad should consult the local tax laws to determine the taxation rate in their countries.

Who Can Play Loto Revancha?

There are two main requirements you must meet in order to play Revancha. First of all, you must be over 18 years old to be able to participate. Secondly, you must first play Loto Clasico and Loto Recargado before you try your luck at Revancha.

Two ways of participating in the lottery exist: you can either buy traditional tickets in numerous designated lottery kiosks located throughout Chile. You can also use the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia website to play online.

You also must be present in the country, as it’s not possible to play from abroad.

History of Loto Revancha

The first draw of the main game, the Loto Clasico, took place in November of 1989. Since then, new additional games have been introduced to the Loto of Chile family, including “Recargado”, “Revancha”, “Desquite”, “Jubilazo”, and “Multiplicar”.

Loto Revancha Chile

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